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The cast and crew of the Sleepaway Camp series reveal all!

Jill Terashita
Arab may have lost her head in Sleepaway Camp 3, but the actress that portrayed her has her head on straight!

Vincent Pastore
Frank the camp owner from Return to Sleepaway Camp!

Rodney Whittenberg
The composer of Return To Sleepaway Camp speaks, and unveils some cues from the film in mp3 form!

Bill Mills
An unearthed interview with the cinematographer of SC2&3.

Benji Wilhoite
You the fans interviewed Benji during our special chat session in 2007 - additional special guest Michael A. Simpson!

John Altyn
Musician behind Out Of Control & Sleepaway from parts 2 & 3, conducted in 2007.

Michael A. Simpson (IV)
Questions about the Sleepaway Camp: Berserk project, conducted early 2007.

Ron Kalish
Editor of the original Sleepaway Camp, & Return To Sleepaway Camp. Conducted 2007.

Ed French
Special FX Artist & legend on the original Sleepaway Camp! Conducted 2006.

Brian Spears
A Makeup FX Artist on the reshoots of Return To Sleepaway Camp. Conducted 2006.

Michael Gibney
Alan in Return To Sleepaway Camp. The new Angela? Conducted 2006.

Jim Markovic
Director of Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor, conducted in April 2006.

Loris Sallahian
Billy the bee victim from the first film, conducted in 2004.

Frankie Vinci
Vocal Artist of the original film, notably Angela's Theme. Conducted 2003.

Michael A. Simpson (III)
An extensive music-centric talk, conducted late 2002.

Michael A. Simpson (II)
A post-DVD release chat, conducted in August 2002.

Bill "Splat" Johnson
Special FX master of Sleepaway Camp 2 & 3, conducted 2002.

Fritz Gordon
Selected transcription of Q&A during DVD sessions, in May 2002.

John Lodico
Jack The Ranger in Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor, conducted in 2002.

Mark Oliver
Tony from Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland, conducted in 2001.

Jonathan Tiersten
Ricky Thomas in Sleepaway Camp, conducted in late 2001.

Desiree Gould
Aunt Martha in Sleepaway Camp, conducted over 2000 & 2001.

Michael A. Simpson (I)
Producer/Director of SC2&3: Unhappy Campers & Teenage Wasteland, conducted in 2000.

Kyle Holman
Snowboy in Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland, conducted 2000.

Dan Tursi
Angela's father John Baker from Sleepaway Camp, conducted in 2000.



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