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Interview With Jill Terashita (2011)

Arab may have lost her head in Sleepaway Camp 3, but the actress that portrayed her - Jill Terashita - has her head on straight! Questions from fans were gathered in 2010, and the interview with Jill was conducted in June 2011.

Sleepaway Camp Films: How did you get the role of Arab in Sleepaway Camp 3?

Jill Terashita: I auditioned for the role.

SCF: What did you think of your character?

Jill: I thought it was fun to play her part. She was quite a mouthy little b--tch! Hehehehe!

SCF: What was it like working with the director Michael Simpson?

Jill: Michael is really great to work with!

SCF: What was it like to work with Pam Springsteen?

Jill: From what I remember, Pam was really nice. :)

SCF: Did you make any friends with any of your fellow cast or crew during filming?

Jill: Yes, I am still friends with the character "Jan".

SCF: On a set with so many young people, did you guys party at all?

Jill: Well only speaking for myself, I wouldn't really say party because I don't drink or anything (allergic to alcohol: get hives and have trouble breathing if I ingest it). But I do remember there was one night I went into the city with "Jan". Someone told us to go to this fondue restaurant because it had good food. I remember it had live crocodiles and it was really, really dark. We were laughing so hard because we could hardly see each other across the table, or hear each other because I think we were put in an area right beside the music ......... Food was good :)

Afterwards we wanted to do a little bit of a work out, so we went out to a club and danced totally crazy ...... flash dance style. We didn't care because we didn't know a single soul in the place and just wanted to have some fun exercise.

SCF: Were there any funny or memorable moments on set?

Jill: Ok, it's been quite a number of years but a couple of moments I remember are ......

I remember trying to build up a just whole ton of toothpaste in my mouth to spit out and trying to keep it all in until I was supposed to turn around for that one shot where Angela scares me in the woods.

Also, while waiting to get called to the set, I think I remember catching a lizard inside the building and then letting it go outside ..... as a matter of fact I think it was right around the area where we took that cast photo .....

SCF: How did they make the fake head of you?

Jill: They had to make a cast of my head. They pinned up all my hair, put a skin cap on and poured all the gooey casting material over my head and face. Stuck straws up my nose so I could breath. Ha!

SCF: What was your favorite scene to shoot?

Jill: I really don't have a favorite, everything was fun because of the character I got to play.

SCF: What was working on Night of the Demons like?

Jill: It was a great group of people to work with. Lots of night shooting. That old house was scary. A bunch of us had some strange kinda creepy experiences there too!

SCF: What film do you like more, Night of the Demons or Sleepaway Camp 3?

Jill: They were both really great to work on. I worked on NOTD first, then Sleep Away Camp 3 later that year ...... Funny, both villain types had the name Angela, and I got my neck broken and my head chopped off in the same year!

SCF: Are you still into acting, or into other stuff?

Jill: No, presently not acting. Although a lot of people have expressed to me recently that I should start again. I've started doing some writing. I'll keep you posted when I get something finished.

SCF: Do you have a website fans can visit you at?

Jill: No, I presently don't have a website up. But if I did, "Would you come visit?!" :)

Jill at a recent MonsterMania in Cherry Hill. Image: NJ JOresky



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