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Interview With Vincent Pastore (2008)

"Frank" in Return To Sleepaway Camp should be a great new addition to the series, and that is in huge part to character actor Vincent Pastore who brings all his experience to the role.

A very special thanks to Sue from sopranosue.com for setting this interview up! And be sure to explore Vincent's extensive range of parts in film and tv by visiting vincentpastore.com!

Sleepaway Camp Films: What sort of character is "Frank" that you play in the film?

Vincent Pastore: Frank is the owner of the camp.

SCF: Did you do any comedy in the film or was it all completely straight?

Vincent: The film is not a funny film.

SCF: How long did your time on set last?

Vincent: I was on the set for a month in Northeast Pennsylvania

SCF: What are your recollections of Isaac Hayes? Did you work any scenes with him in the movie?

Vincent: I will miss him greatly. We became good friends on the set. We would spend a lot of time talking about life and being a celebrity, and how hard that is to deal with at times.

SCF: Were any of the cast or crew on set people you had worked with on anything before?

Vincent: I’ve worked previously with Tony Ray Rossi on “The Sopranos”, “Meet the Mobsters”, “Mail Order Bride”, “This Thing of Ours” and “Under Hellgate Bridge”; Isaac Hayes in “It Could Happen to You” and “Six Ways to Sunday”; and Lenny Venito in “Shark Tale” and “Witness to the Mob”.

SCF: What were your impressions of the director, Robert Hiltzik?

Vincent: He was sharp on details and very well liked by everyone.

SCF: Do you know if it's true Steve Buscemi was going to be part of the cast, at some point?

Vincent: I never heard that one

SCF: Return To Sleepaway Camp seems to be the only - or one of the few - horror movies you've done. How would you compare the experience with comedies or crime thrillers?

Vincent: My very first film was a horror film, “Black Roses”. I had done work as an extra in “Tales from the Crypt” and a few other films. This was my first lead in a horror film and it was lots of fun.

SCF: Did you think it would take this long for the movie to come out - have any other independent films you've done taken a similar time to get released?

Vincent: I really don’t know why, must have been a financial thing

SCF: What other new films should we look out for you in?

Vincent: Future releases include, “Looking for Paladin”, “PJ”. “Street Boss”, “Tricks of a Woman”, Split Ends”, “Devils Domino” and a few others. In the fall of 2008, I will be working in the Buffalo area on a film, “Little Chicago”, 2 upcoming plays. In October I will be part of the cast of the daytime soap opera, “General Hospital”. So I am pretty busy with upcoming projects.



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