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Pages on the various connections from media like film, tv and music to Sleepaway Camp and related projects of cast and crew from the series.

Pop Culture References
Sleepaway Camp lives on and continues to appear in homages throughout media (film, tv, music). Scope out the many instances below to see how far the reach extends.

Golden Age
A gritty throwback to the 70's featuring Sleepaway Camp 3's Snowboy (Kyle Holman) as a killer!

Caesar & Otto's Camp Massacre
Felissa Rose all grown up plays a quiet gender-unknown camper in this upcoming spoof of camp slashers like Sleepaway Camp!

Dark Chamber
This movie has the prestige of reuniting the most notable characters in the first Sleepaway Camp, Desiree Gould (Aunt Martha) and Felissa Rose (Angela).

Birds Of A Feather
This was a short film directed by Terrence Smith in 2000. it is notable in a few ways, like being Felissa Rose's first movie "back" in her acting career.

Silent Madness
Katherine Kamhi and Paul DeAngelo were two standouts in the supporting cast of Sleepaway Camp, playing shower victim Meg and short-shorts Ronnie - see them in another retro slasher!



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