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The many forms of Sleepaway Camp. Here you'll learn every side of the films that deviate from the standard that you know them as.

Deleted Scenes
The gravey. Absolutely all that was cut from the films, full stop. Every chopped shot and scene, and rumor control and what wasn't cut.

Sleepaway Camp Survival Kit
All about the groundbreaking slasher DVD boxset from 2002 including its development, extras, easter eggs and more.

Unproduced Sequels
Over the years there have been attempted Sleepaway Camp sequels that never made it past treatment or script stage - this page chronicles them.

Nightmare Vacation
Read up on the history of Sleepaway Camp in the UK which resulted in, how shall we say, unique versions of the films released on videocassette.

Around The World
Posters and video covers from several countries' versions of Sleepaway Camp.

Bootleg Barrel
Making a mockery of illegitimate releases of the films and giving props when possible to the dodgy releases that got it right.



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