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The fans of Sleepaway Camp keep interest high decades after the fact! Here's how.

A linear look at every key event in the Sleepaway Camp series pertaining to characters and locations, in chronological order. An epic slasher saga.

Fan Fiction
Scripts for Sleepaway Camp sequels written by the fans, who many times have better ideas where to take horror series's then the real paid writers!

Fan Gallery
Drawings, paintings, image manipulations, action figures & photos from fans that can't get Sleepaway Camp out of their head.

Chat Room
This is where we hold our fan-meets with Sleepaway cast/crew whenever possible.

A digital comic story focusing on Angela Baker! More are on the way, please be patient however since one page can take months of work!

Two Killer Theory
Angela killed everyone in the first Sleepaway Camp, right? But did you see her? This essay uses in-film evidence to show she may have had help.

Learn how to become cheapo versions of Freddy, Jason & Leatherface just as Charlie, Emilio & Angela did in Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers.

What would you see on a live feed through to Camp Arawak?



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