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Interview With John Lodico (2002)

John Lodico essayed the short lived role of Jack the Ranger in Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor. I contacted him via his agent and he told me what we all wanted to know regarding the project. "We never finished it" he states. This marks the first ever interview with someone from SCIV, and, at the time, the first iron-clad confirmation that footage existed.

Sleepaway Camp Films: How did you get involved in the film?

John Lodico: Jerry Muller. Not only is he a great person but a helluva actor as well.

SCF: What do you remember of the story?

Lodico: They didn't know if I was the killer or not until the next to last scene. The camera slowly comes up over a small hill to a clearing. We see something hanging from a tree. As we get closer we realize it is a body. We realize it's naked. Although we come up from behind we realize its a dead man. As the camera comes around to the front of the man, we realize it's my character, the forest ranger. His face is half bit off and his privates are missing as well. Is that fucken crazy or what! Then we cut to the beautiful Carrie Chambers (She was so cool, and a lady). She has blood on her face and another dead girl next to her. She looks at the camera with far away eyes. The end.

SCF: What were the cast and crew like?

Lodico: The entire cast and crew were great. We actually filmed in upstate N.Y. The same place Friday the 13th was filmed. Carrie Chambers was the female lead and was I was the male lead. The story was written by a well known writer of that particular style. Sorry I forgot his name. Carrie has went on to produce some films. She still lives in California.

SCF: How much shooting was done?

Lodico: Not a whole lot of it was filmed. The first scene I had to film was with Carrie and I rip her shirt off.

SCF: Why was the shoot shut down?

Lodico: I think they ran out of money or did not get a big chunk they needed to go to the next phase.

SCF: Would you reprise/reshoot/finish your role?

Lodico: I would love to reprise the roll and finish some great scenes with some great people.

SCF: What have you been up to since 1993?

Lodico: I live in Denver. Things are going great. I have a small part in the HBO Movie "The Larimie Project". It comes out in March on HBO. I have my own little company and I do some commercial work out here. Look for me on the dish network commercial coming to your town! I play the crazy director who wants to do a remake of Pretty Woman. If you are looking for some more answers try to get ahold of Jerry Muller. He lives on the upper east side in New York. I'm sure he would love to shoot the shit. Take care and good luck!!

Thank you John for your substantial contribution to unearthing The Survivor.



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