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Bootleg Barrel

Like anything even mildly successful, bootleggers will be there with cheap copies to pawn off to Joe Average who can't tell the difference because "that cover sure is purty". Admittedly they can be fun collectibles, so we reach into the bottom of the barrel and see what's worth bringing up.

Legacy Entertainment released unauthorised DVDs of the trilogy right in Canada and the USA in Walmart, the centre of all saintly consumerism. They're just plain video rips, which provides one solid point - as part one comes from the original VHS, it's uncut. Unknowingly, this five dollar bargain bin disc achieved what not one but two different Anchor Bay DVDs were able to. Even so, it's a rip from the inferior Video Treasures VHS so they didn't even get that right. The covers are whacky and inaccurate, but garish and collectible. Apart from questionable legalities, these are popping up everywhere and appear to be cheap entry points into the films for new fans.

Bootleg Barrel Rating: 8/10

This one has all the ingredients for a prime bootleg, because it's not ripped off artwork, but a brand new (to my knowledge) painted cover that is so nice that you'd forget it's a bootleg. Almost. Then there's the fact that false advertising touted it as being Uncut, when it is apparently just the usual cut DVD rip. But we can forgive them for their trespasses.

Bootleg Barrel Rating: 10/10

Not a too shabby attempt by Video World of Germany, as it uses the superior UK Nightmare Vacation cover art, but the back cover extension is a hastily chopped off version of the original, moody NV2 back slick - because obviously, they could only use the part of the cover that didn't have English writing on it (learnt that at Bootleggers 101). Merged with the proper title, it's an almost passable attempt, though the spine needs work.

Bootleg Barrel Rating: 6/10

The green is something different, but just doesn't gel with me. What is Angela, an Alien? Screen Power could have used any color. Any color. But green? No way, hosay. And what are Freddy and Jason doing on the cover when it is clearly the cover for (and referring to) SC2. Can someone buy these boys a clue? Extra points go to pissing off any number of people by ripping off the Michael Simpson Behind The Scenes footage.

Bootleg Barrel Rating: 5/10

Nice cover on this, actually it's my friend Giles's cover. See, when we were puting together the International Cover Galleries for the US DVDs, Anchor Bay needed a high resolution scan of the original SC3 to use for their cover art and insert. We scanned in Giles' box since he kept it mint condition - and knew every mark, every spec, every dot on that cover - so when we saw this German bootleg, we had to laugh since close up it's clearly his scanned cover. So they've used a scan of a scan, essentially. The ironic thing is, they went and put their URL on the image so no one "steals" it. Simply priceless. As for everything else, it's yet another rip from AB's DVD.

Bootleg Barrel Rating: 2/1



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