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Deleted Scenes

This is the definitive listing of cut scenes and shots from the Sleepaway Camp series as gathered by sleepawaycampfilms.com over the years.

Sleepaway Camp

  • No gore was cut. The movie passed the MPAA board with an R.

  • Alot more footage of the baseball game was shot then was shown, some of it can be heard in the opening title sequence of the film.

Sleepaway Camp (Anchor Bay DVD)

  • In the prank scene when Mozart's face hits the kid's naked ass, the slap sound effect is missing and then his "You guys are gross" line is out of synch with his lips.

  • A shot of the naked guys running down the dock is completely missing replaced by a weird over-dubbed cat howl.

  • The watersnake slithering out of Kenny's mouth is cut drastically to the point where you only see the final few frames of the shot after the snake has emerged.

  • After Mel accosts the guys for throwing water ballons at Angela and Ricky and Paul tend to her, a shot of the guy's reaction to Mel leaving is cut, where one calls him a "wrinkled old dick".

  • After Ricky sticks his finger up at Judy and walks off, a shot of Judy coming back with"Same to you" is gone.

  • Many frames of Meg's corpse on the bathroom floor are cut, and Mel's reaction is cut up too - "He did it" should be followed by "to get back at me".

Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers

  • An alternate version of forest sex was shot with Ally clothed just in case the MPAA wouldn't let the naked version fly.

  • Some dialogue was cut from the scene with Molly and Angela sitting outside the abandoned cabin for pacing reasons.

  • Sean's decapitation was cut for being too gory, but can be seen on the DVD in the behind-the-scenes footage.

  • The originally planned song for the end titles by Ravenstone. It too can be found in completed form on the DVD.

  • The German language Director's Cut is merely the American R version. There is no true Director's Cut of SC2.

Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland

  • A longer scene of Maria walking down the street, and Angela passes her!

  • While sitting waiting for the camp van, Angela is bemused at a hulking tall Heavy Metal Dude that passes.

  • A slow pan down Angela's lovely bod before Peter throws down the firecrackers.

  • A longer scene of Herman flirting with Jan. More of his Playboy belt posturing then Lilly catches him in the act and orders him back by her side.

  • A longer exchange between Lilly and Snoboy about why the girls and boys can't sleep together.

  • Anita gets sick of the talk about Angela Baker and leaves the girl's cabin to go to the bathroom.

  • An extended scene of the girls leaving their cabin, leaving Angela behind.

  • Lilly hands Barney a map and asks where Anita is, Marcia tells her.

  • Lilly asks where Anita is, Marcia says she went to the bathroom.

  • Longer walking into the woods for Barney's group.

  • Before Bobby is killed he makes a remark, thinking Angela is going to get a condom, showing just how stupid he really is even when he's about to be killed.

  • Almost every death scene was trimmed of its gore, impact and/or length. The following is a complete list and can all be found as a featurette on the DVD:

  • A slightly longer death scene of Herman and Cindy - Herman recieves multiple stakings of the stick through his mouth instead of just one. Cindy is beaten slightly longer.

  • A much longer scene of Angela's attack on Bobby and Snoboy - after killing Bobby, Angela first tests out the log she uses on Snoboy (more shots of Snoboy before he's whacked) then later empties out the whole can of gasoline on the tent, making sure not to get it on her night dress, then after lighting the tent up with the bodies inside and roasting a marshmellow she now comments "It wouldn't be camp without a marshmellow" before singing the Happy Camper song while the camera lingers on the burnt heap.

  • After decapitating Arab, Angela kicks the head causing it to roll - blood begins to pump out of the neck while the fingers continue to twitch.

  • The infamous complete death of Cindy - we see her body impact the ground head first. Angela inspects the bloody damage - a sickening close up of Cindy's smashed head and brains everywhere!

  • When Lilly is lawnmowered we see blood chunks and dirt fly out the side.

  • When Bobby loses his arms, his arms literally get ripped and fly off, tumbling onto the road behind him! Blood shoots simutaneously out of both arm stumps.

  • A tent spike is hammered into Riff's hand when he tries to get out, he screams as blood jets out. The second tent spike hammered into him causes a massive spurt of blood against the underside of the tent.

  • A longer close up of Lilly's corpse - an insect crawls all over the neck stump!

  • Barney gets four gunshots instead of three, then after Angela tosses the gun down at his feet the camera slowly pans up his blood splattered dead body.

  • A longer shot of Greg and Anita dying after the axes hit them.

  • When Marcia and Angela fight, both recieve gory damage - the knife impacts Marcia's leg in a close up, causing a spurt of blood before Angela retracts it. Marcia hits Angela in the armpit with the ax, making a torrent of blood. She then repeatedly stabs her in the stomach in a close up as blood shoots out.

  • The full original ending. In the back of the ambulance we now see Angela slowly steal the hypodermic needle, building the suspence - when the cop gets the hypo in the eye, a big burst of blood spurts out the side when it impacts. After Angela's final line when the film usually ends, Angela starts singing the 'Angela Rap'.

Sleepaway Camp 4: The Survivor (Production Footage)



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