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Sleepaway Camp Survival Kit (2002)

Details: DVD Box Set, Released August 20 2002.

Credits: Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Contents: Sleepaway Camp, Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers Special Edition, Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland, 16 page Collector's booklet, Sleepaway Camp 4: The Survivor Production Footage (Best Buy Special Edition only).

Notes: The Sleepaway Camp DVD was a sure-fire no-brainer in the late 90's when slasher films began to filter onto the digital medium. First rumored to appear on DVD through Troma, ace company Anchor Bay aquired the film and released it in 2000, abeit cut - perhaps underestimating the focus of the legions of "campers" out there. Two years later, they redeemed themselves: Anchor Bay's DVDs of Sleepaway Camp 2 & 3 are a welcomed development for fans as the films' previous forays onto digital media are currently hard-to-find collector's items. Laserdiscs for the two movies were released by Nelson Entertainment in '88 and '89 but are now out of print, extremely rare and sell to collectors for top dollar.

In recent years, Ebay has created a thriving cottage industry selling videos and merchandise of the sequels. A limited number of Nelson Entertainment's SC2&3 videos that were signed by the director are now considered hot collector items. The two made-in-Georgia SC sequels have attained international cult status since their initial, limited theatrical release in '88 with a loyal fan base attracted to their dark humor and imaginative gore effects. That said, they could not come out bare bones this time. Anchor Bay, in association with director Michael Simpson, brainstormed fully loaded Special Editions, packed full of extras fans only dreamed about.

Even sleepawaycampfilms.com got in on the act, contributing audio commentaries, international cover arts, writing liner notes for the special booklet included - and what is regarded as the holy grail of slashers - pushing for and suceeding some of the long lost Production Footage of the Unfinished SLEEPAWAY CAMP IV: THE SURVIVOR to be unearthed and included. Anchor Bay also believed in its rarity and near-treasure status so released it as an extra disc for versions sold in the Best Buy chain of stores and put a special blood splat label to call attention to it.

The box set quickly sped up the charts, at one point placing above the new Pulp Fiction DVD, a victory for Sleepaway Camp fans everywhere. But it seems the kit was too popular. The bleeding hearts at Red Cross got in an uproar about the Survival Kit first-aid art featuring the red cross nessecitating that Anchor Bay replace the box sets with new art on the second print run, resulting in a collector craze for the original versions.


But The Sleepaway Camp Survival Kit From Amazon

Director's Note >>
An exclusive message about the DVDs from Michael A. Simpson.

Cuts Controversy >>
The ultimate retrospective of the cuts imposed on the SC1 DVD.

Behind The Commentary >>
Behind the scenes of recording SC2&3's audio commentaries in LA!

Special Features

Sleepaway Camp

Audio Commentary with Director Robert Hiltzik, Star Felissa Rose & Moderator Jeff Hayes

Theatrical Trailer

Theatrical Poster Replica

Cast/Crew Biographies (UK Version Only)

SC2: Unhappy Campers

Audio Commentary with Director Michael A. Simpson, Writer Fritz Gordon & Moderator John Klyza

Behind-The-Scenes Footage and Outtakes

Teaser Trailer for Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland

Video-Market Trailer

Still Galleries

Poster Replica

Cast/Crew Biographies (UK Version Only)


SC3: Teenage Wasteland

Audio Commentary with Director Michael A. Simpson , Writer Fritz Gordon & Moderator John Klyza

Behind-The-Scenes Footage and Outtakes

Deleted Scenes from Director's Cut Featuring Additional "Gore" Footage

Video-Market Trailer

Still Galleries

Poster Replica

Cast/Crew Biographies (UK Version Only)

SC4: The Survivor Production Footage (4-Disc Edition Only)

Full Frame Image

Unedited Dallies Footage

Promotional Trailer

Introduction Text by John Klyza

Easter Eggs

SC1: There are no eggs on the USA Disc One unless you count getting to hear "Angela's Theme" if you wait at the menu long enough. The UK version however, contains all the deleted scenes they didn't bother to reinstate for that release - just highlight Play with your remote and press Up, it will reveal a bloody fingerprint. Press enter and you're in business.

SC2: Go to the Extras section and click on the Commentary section. Once there, highlight the "No Trespassing" icon. "More Love" by Ravenstone will play. It is the finished version of the legendary lost alternate end-titles track which was originally deemed too tongue-in-cheek when the film was made. An informative bio and rare photos will also play with the song.

SC3: There are two. First, on the Extras Menu, move the remote and highlight Angela's shirt and click on it to see a special behind the scenes feature from an Atlanta News team. The second egg is in the Commentary section - on the left side of the screen highlight Bobby Stark's shirt and click on it and you'll see the advance poster art for Sleepaway Camp 4: The Survivor.



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