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Unproduced Sequels

Over the years there have been attempted Sleepaway Camp sequels that never made it past treatment or script stage - this page chronicles them.

Angel Of Death

Fritz Gordon's, writer of Sleepaway Camp 2 & 3 had concieved an idea years ago to follow up his camp classic storyline. It had Angela now teaching at a high school and the expected gruesome results when she heads up a detention full of troublemakers! It was Breakfast Club meets Friday the 13th and Fritz penned a treatment for it.

Summer Stalk

Double Helix Films mounted plans for a new sequel in 1989, utilizing the core crew from the back-to-back sequels. It wasn't pursued, but holds significance as the first publicized plan for a fourth entry. It held a a very daring storyline. Unhappy Campers/Teenage Wasteland director Michael A. Simpson reveals all:

"A friend of mine, Randal Patrick, helped come up with the basic idea. Camp Arawak had been demolished and a "summer stock" (hence the play on words in the title) dinner theater had been built on the site of the Sleepaway Camp massacres. The theater was mounting a musical stage production of Angela's Life Story and Angela (to be played by Felissa Rose) auditions to play herself. Only we, the audience, aren't certain if this woman really is Angela who is now believed to be dead. 

One of the fun parts to the story was that a religious cult had grown up around the legend of Angela and they were trying to halt the production of the play which they felt was sacrilegious to her memory. These nut jobs were among those who believed Angela was dead so when the killings start we aren't sure who is doing the murders. Is it these religious kooks or Angela being her bad little transsexual psychopathic self again? The whole story was sort of a poke in the eye with a very sharp stick at the religious intolerance displayed by some among us which I always find to be a fertile ground for parody.

I wanted to show this story mainly through the eyes of the woman who thinks she is Angela. She's been in and out of mental hospitals and has lost touch with reality. She really thinks she is Angela but is she? I felt a great way to twist this Angela character into someone sympathetic was to have her haunted by her apparent victims. You could have these zombie-like dead characters from the first three movies popping up at the most importune moments, singing and dancing. I thought the musical numbers should be surreal, like a demented version of Rocky Horror.

The play within the SC4 movie was controversial to this wacko cult because it explored the controversial "Two Angela" theory. Namely, that two different young women had been Angela at different times. At the climax of SC4 I thought it would be fun for Pamela Springsteen to show up as Angela and have a fight to the death with Felissa Rose's Angela. It would make the ultimate "camp" film I think. It would be talked about for decades."



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