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Silent Madness

Katherine Kamhi and Paul DeAngelo were two standouts in the supporting cast of Sleepaway Camp, playing shower victim Meg and short-shorts Ronnie. Seeing an actor from the film in another movie is one thing. If that film is a horror, that is another thing. But two performers from the film in a horror movie? Yep, it happened in 1983 when Kathy & Paul worked on Silent Madness in New York. They may have known it under a different name during the shoot, when it varied between Beautiful Screamers and The Omega Factor to name a few.

Paul plays a horny teenager named... Paul, who's about to get it on with his girl in the back of a van when the movie's psychopath interrupts. He gets the honor of being first victim when he's sledgehammered before the killer tosses a cartoony hatchet into his girlfriend's back (it was shot in 3D!). Kathy breezes right through the film featuring as a sorority sister that completely disappears after finding Paul's super buff corpse, not even getting a customary kill scene.



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