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Birds Of A Feather

Birds Of A Feather is a short film directed by Terrence Smith in 2000. it is notable in a few ways. It was Felissa Rose's first movie "back" into her acting career, and the role shows one exactly what a murderous Angela would be like today.

Official Synopsis:

Has Mary lost her mind, or is her husband, Henri, really trying to kill her? Well, he has been acting quite irrationally lately. Why, just the other day he came home late from work, obviously drunk and spewing obscenities and threats at his young wife. Thank God Dolores showed up to calm Mary down, otherwise she might have done something stupid like leave her loving husband. You know, sometimes when you’re upset you need a friend like Dolores to step in and put everything in perspective. Not to worry, when Henri finally came home he buried the hatchet and helped Dolores relieve Mary of all her tension and stress. Everything worked out for the best, and after Mary was finally put to rest, Dolores and Henri enjoyed a tall glass of red wine and reminisced about old times.

Starring Felissa Primavera (Angela from the first Sleepaway Camp), Birds of a Feather is a slow burning melodramatic short film that keeps the audience constantly guessing exactly where the film is going to bring them. Is Henry really trying to kill his wife, or is she just over reacting? Who knows for sure, you’ll just have to see Birds of a Feather!



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