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Pop Culture References

Sleepaway Camp lives on and continues to appear in homages throughout media (film, tv, music). Scope out the many instances below to see how far the reach extends.

Camp Blood (2002)

This funny as hell spoof of camp slashers includes Sleepaway Camp as a target, and contains many homages and references to the series, from a "parents paid the taxes for..." explanation to a character called Angel, another character that looks just like Angela, a lesbian trucker popping up in the end and a mud-drowning death that reminds one of Ally's fate. This short is currently unreleased but check out a review here and their MySpace.

The Hazing (2004)

In this flick also known as Dead Scared, director Rolfe Kanefsky worked in one or more "slight references" to “Sleepaway Camp 2. Haven't had a chance to check this out yet so if anyone knows the answer, let me know.

Trite This Way (2002)

The director's favorite Sleepaway Camp line was "Hey Angela, why you so fucked up?" so in his so-far unreleased indie drama he had the actress as narrator address the main character with the line "Hey Levi, why are you so fucked up?" Currently in release limbo.

Horror (2001)

Felissa Rose who played Angela in the original Sleepaway Camp has a small role, made even smaller by the fact that a scene that had her repirsing her famous Angela Scream, was cut from the film - but here's the shot!

Terrorfirmer (2000)

In this Troma splatter flick which works very much like an Angela Goes to Hollywood film, the killer is revealed to be a tragically lurid Hermaphrodite Unich... the climax even ups the ante by showing (ahem) close-ups of the she-male's double secrets.

Bloody Murder (2000)

This modern camp slasher features a scene in which characters view a movie called Sleepover Camp Massacre 14 which shows a woman stalked by an unseen killer who then cracks her windshield  with an ax.

Decampitated (1999)

The cover art of this camp slasher spoof clearly lampoons the Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland cover, but with a sausage instead of a knife!

Crinoline Head (1995)

The writer/director Tommy Faircloth aimed to make his movie in the vein of the old summer camp slashers, and a similarity to the Sleepaway Camps was even emplyed in advertising! In one scene, a bitchy character is drowned in a toilet bowl ala Ally, and shitfaced. Faircloth would go on to mention Sleepaway Camp in adverts for his next film, Generation Axe.

The Blob (1988)

A movie is watched in which a slasher creeps up on two girls in a cabin, one of them using a curling iron. She puts it down. The slasher picks up the dreaded hot tongs...

Whodunnit (1984)

In this fun mystery/thriller shot in 1983, a scene at the end of the film has the camera panning past a New York movie theater, and what should appear but a Sleepaway Camp poster!


Robot Chicken

This doll-animation comedy show from Seth Green and company on Adult Swim had a segment on shock endings, and a funny yet knowledgable spoof of the ending of Sleepaway Camp popped up, and also poked fun at its obscurity. Visit the AV Room to watch the video for yourself!

Beverly Hills 90210

Sleepaway Camp is mentioned in an episode not once but twice, the second time compared to Slumber Party Massacre. The writer must have been a slasher fan!

Eastenders (UK)

Apparently the cover for Nightmare Vacation 2 (Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers) once appeared in the british soap opera.



CKY, which stands for Camp Kill Yourself, famously used the Screaming Angela face on their 2000 early album Disengage The Simulator which had 2,000 copies produced. Since their band name is so clearly inspired by Sleepaway Camp as well, it was no surprise that they eventually made cameos in Return To Sleepaway Camp, and in a twist worthy of a Hiltzik ending, member Deron Miller married Felissa Rose and had a baby.

Sleepaway Camp (Band)

Sleepaway Camp was an inspired rock band (check that art out!) until they decided to break ties in favor of the mainstream name The Narrative. OK.


This West Coast band have a song called Angel of Death (Angela's Theme) on their 2003 EP Shaped Like A Coffin. It starts with sound bytes from Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland then moves into instrumental.



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