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Return To Sleepaway Camp - Coming To DVD November 4th



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Vincent Pastore (Frank)
Rodney Whittenberg (Music)
Ron Kalish (Editor)
Michael Gibney (Alan)
Brian Spears (FX)

Story: Welcome to Camp Manabe, where an overweight teenage boy called Alan is tormented and soon "accidents" begin. Subplots include surviving characters Ronnie and Ricky, who have to deal with the fact that it's happening again.

2nd Trailer

1st Trailer

Cast & Crew

Written/Directed by Robert Hiltzik, Produced by Tom Van Dell. Starring Jonathan Tiersten (Ricky Thomas), Felissa Rose (Angela Baker), Paul DeAngelo (Ronnie), Vincent Pastore (Frank), Isaac Hayes (Charlie), Adam Wylie (Weed), Michael Gibney (Alan), Paul Iacono (Pee Pee), Deron Miller & CKY (Camp Counselors), Christopher Shand (T.C.), Kate Simses (Petey), Dee Dee Friedman (Aunt Gracie), Mike Tatosian (Cook).







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