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Sleepaway Camp Timeline

Using key dates and evidence throughout the films, events both on and offscreen are listed in chronological order by year. Special thanks for William Uchtman for his assistance.

Molly Nagle's parents are married. (Molly's parents celebrated their 26th Anniversary around the time of Unhappy Campers.)

Peter and Angela Baker born to John Baker. (In Unhappy Campers, Phoebe says that Angela was fourteen when she committed the Arawak murders. In the same movie, Sean Whitmore mentions Angela's real name.)

Sean Whitmore born to Barney Whitmore, a policeman. (Barney said that Sean would have been eighteen by Teenage Wasteland.)

Molly Nagle born. She is the youngest of two brothers and sister. (Assuming Molly and Sean are both the same age during Unhappy Campers.)

John Baker takes Peter and Angela on a boating trip. Due to the negligence of two counselors in a motor boat slamming into their sailboat, John and Angela are killed and Peter is taken in by his unstable Aunt Martha Thomas, a doctor, who gives him his sister's identity and raises him as a girl. (The death of Angela and John occur eight years before the first movie in 1983.)

Barney Whitmore's wife leaves him to raise Sean on his own. (Sean says he was seven when his mother left him in Unhappy Campers.)

Richard "Ricky" Thomas and Paul meet for the first time and become good friends. (Paul said they had been friends for three years in Sleepaway Camp.)

Back at Camp Arawak this summer, Ricky Thomas meets Judy for the first time. (This occurs one year before Sleepaway Camp.)

Angela Baker joins Ricky at Camp Arawak for the first time. She meets Paul, Judy and another girl named Meg. Neither of the girls care for Angela.

Three days later, the cook is nearly scalded to death in what is considered an accident. (Assuming the cook's incident occurred that day.)

More deaths follow as Kenny drowns while alone on the lake. Sometime later, Billy is trapped in a bathroom stall with a hive of bees and dies. Camp Owner Mel now believes there's a killer loose among the twenty-five kids. (No one knew the killer's identity yet. The number of kids comes from a quote from Mel.)

In one night, Meg is stabbed in the shower of an empty boy's cabin, four kids are axed beyond recognition while camping in the woods and Judy is smothered by a pillow while impaled with a curling iron.

Suspecting Ricky is the killer, Mel confronts him and beats him into unconsciousness. Believing he's dead, he flees but is shot in the neck by an arrow.

As Ronnie and Suzie try to establish everyone's whereabouts, they come across Angela cradling Paul's decapitated head while nude. They come to a realization of her sexual identity.

Angela is arrested by Fort Edward-Hudson Falls Officer Barney Whitmore whose own son didn't go to Camp Arawak that summer because he couldn't afford it. Angela herself claims she is responsible for weeding the good kids from the bad. She becomes known as "The Angel of Death". No new pictures are taken of her to conceal her identity. (Unhappy Campers establishes that Sean's father, named Barney in Teenage Wasteland, was Angela's arresting officer. The city name comes from Frank's uniform in Sleepaway Camp. It was Sean in Unhappy Campers who said his father couldn't afford to send him. Angel of Death and weeding good kids from bad from Sean's quotes at the beginning of Unhappy Campers. Barney had said in Teenage Wasteland that no pictures were taken of Angela in over seven years. NOTE: Phoebe's claim in Unhappy Campers that Angela had killed thirty kids has to be an exaggeration.)

For two years, Angela undergoes therapy under electroshock and numerous pills of every kind which culminates in a sex-change operation funded by the taxes of the American legal system. She legally becomes Angela Johnson. (Angela described her therapy to Molly and Sean in Unhappy Campers. The fact that "our taxes paid for it" comes from Sean, same movie. Operation year is confirmed by Angela in the same movie when she said she had been Angela Johnson for four years.)

Angela becomes a counselor at Camp Rolling Hills, sixty miles from Camp Arawak, under the recommendations of doctors, psychiatrists and a clergymen. (Premise established in Unhappy Campers. The Rolling Hills murders occur one year before Teenage Wasteland when Angela is twenty-one.)

After one week of camp, Angela sends Phoebe home after she vanishes with the boys into the woods. (Angela said it was the second week of camp. Although Phoebe had been murdered by Angela, no one knew there was a killer at large. The cover-up is Angela's.)

Two days later, Angela "send the Schote Sisters home" for using drugs and fornicating. One of the thirty-nine kids is sent home as Angela tells Uncle John about the Schotes. Following a panty raid, and a reverse raid on the boys, Mare "gets to go home". (Assuming two days have passed, Uncle John says after the departure that there are 38 kids left.)

The following night, Judd and Anthony vanish on a secret mission to scare the girls as Ally Burgess and Rob Darrinco attempt to have sex. They are interrupted by Angela. (As yet, no one knows of the murders.)

The following day, Ally vanishes. As Demi comes close to the truth, she is choked by a guitar string. Leah wanders in and is stabbed to death. (NOTE: Demi's claim that Phoebe went home three days ago is erroneous continuity-wise.)

Angela's excuse for multiple disappearances gets her fired, but Sean and Molly Nagle discover the truth. T.C. is subsequently killed, as is Sean. Molly is only left for dead. Angela returns to camp and kills everyone including a woman who stops to give her a ride. Molly recovers, makes it to the road and runs into Angela in the woman's pick-up. (Tawny Richards said in Teenage Wasteland that Angela had killed nineteen people, so presumably Molly was killed off-screen. Of course, this doesn't cover the twenty-three unseen kids established by Uncle John.)

Angela vanishes into the streets of New York City where she subsequently gets a job as a trash-carrier. During the police investigation, the cabin where Angela his the bodies is torn down while looking for evidence and Camp Rolling Hills is sold to Herman and Lilly Miranda, who rename it New Horizons. Federal funds are used to get kids to go to camp after the bad publicity credited by Angela. (These events occur after Unhappy Campers but before Teenage Wasteland. Assuming Angela took a job to acquire the truck.)

Going through the Nicastro's trash, Angela learns of their plans to send Maria to Camp New Horizons. She kills Maria and usurps her identity. (Premise of Teenage Wasteland which occurs one year after Unhappy Campers. Angela's method of keeping tabs on Maria is theoretical.)

At Camp New Horizons, Angela is very nearly recognized by Barney Whitmore, her arresting officer who is also now camp counselor. She and the twelve kids are divided into three groups of four led by Herman, Lilly and Barney. By the end of the day, Angela has killed Herman, his three wards and reporter Tawny Richards.

By the second day, Angela kills one of the girls in Lily's group to take her place. Doing away with the last three and Lilly herself, she waits out the night before heading on to Barney's group. (Theoretical)

Third day into camp, Angela tries to get into Barney's group, but he takes her back to Herman. While treating her twisted knee, though, he discovers her true identity and is shot by a gun taken from one of the murdered inner city kids. Without him, two more kids are killed, But Angela ends up overpowered by a third. Finally apprehended, she kills a paramedic and a policeman plotting to kill her.



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