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Sleepaway Camp: The Musical

We just learned a musical cabaret version of Sleepaway Camp (1983) has been playing the past few nights in Sacramento, CA! Not much is known besides this nice article from Sacramento Press. The final show plays tonight (tickets). Hopefully more shows are on the way!

Judy Trailer

Here’s the trailer to Jeff’s spinoff short, Judy starring Karen Fields and based off her character from Sleepaway Camp (1983). It looks like the curling iron is fired up and ready to go!

Return, German Style

Over a year after it was released, we must admit Return To Sleepaway Camp has been quite slow to move beyond the USA, but thankfully Region-free DVD players and places like Amazon make that sort of a moot point. We recently learned of the 5th film hitting DVD in Germany, where it has been given […]

Berserk Goes PDF

No, that doesn’t stand for ProDuction Fast-track, silly! One of the most frequent requests has been to compile the Sleepaway Camp Berserk opening script pages & storyboards into one handy document, and now that wish has been granted. Here’s the whole shebang – carefully collected and formatted into a .pdf file for use with Adobe […]

The Wonders Of Sleepaway Camp HD

We recently got our greasy mits on a stunning High-Definition broadcast version of the original Sleepaway Camp – and while initial interest was in the uncut scenes re-edited back in (appreciated, but sadly not as seamless as any original theatrical print would easily offer) – the real revelations were found in the enhanced depth of […]

Greetings From Camp Tamarack

Longtime associate of Sleepaway Camp Films, Giles Lavery, is seen here at the New Jersey location of Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor (1992), working on some DVD Extras for us.

RIP The Real Uncle John

Sleepaway Camp Films was saddened to hear of John Hughes’ passing last week. The legendary teen comedy/drama auteur had considerable impact upon Michael A. Simpson’s pair of Sleepaway Camp sequels. It bears repeating that in Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers, writer Fritz Gordon named characters after the so-called ‘brat pack’ and specifically name-checked the cast […]

World Premiere of Caesar & Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre

See the film describes the film as   “A crazy mish mash Abbott and Costello and something from the Troma vault”  SATURDAY, AUGUST 15th at Louisville Kentucky’s Fright Night Film Festival.   In attendance will be Dave Campfield and Paul Chomicki (Caesar and Otto respectively), and co-star Ken Macfarlane.  The movie is scheduled for the 5PM […]

Survivor Trailer Debuts!

Survival Kit Out Of Print?

Some online retailers like Amazon are now listing the Sleepaway Camp Survival Kit as out of print or discontinued by the manufacturer. This couldn’t be further from the truth – Anchor Bay Entertainment confirmed to us that “some stores no longer carry it as space is limited but the set is still very much available.” […]