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Sleepaway Camp IV DVD Coming Soon

Exactly one year ago today Fangoria published an article unleashing all the details of The Survivor Project, which I was quoted in. At that the stage the film had just finished editing. So what the heck has been happening with it this past year? Puting together the DVD itself, that’s what! Not having the aid […]

Return To Sleepaway Camp: 3 Years Later

Can you believe there was a time when it seemed Return to Sleepaway Camp would never come out? Always mere months away? So close yet so far? Believe it. I was there. It sucked. But all that slipped away on November 4th 2008 when the film was released on DVD. And fans have never looked […]

Return To Sleepaway Camp Out In Australia

Return to Sleepaway Camp quietly released in Region 4/Australia on October 5th from Ovation Entertainment. The previous movies are unavailable*, but the fifth Sleepaway Camp functions well as a standalone movie. No extras we know of. It received a MA15+ rating from our censor board and passed without cuts. Kids can be so mean… Its […]

Sleepaway Camp “Vintage” Mondo Poster

Mondo Tees who co-produced this poster with Phantom City Creative and are releasing it tomorrow for $45. The only way to grab it is to act within a very short window through their Twitter as Mondo merch tends to sell out in mere minutes. Source: STYD via SC Addict.

Felissa Rose Camp Spoof Gets Release

“CAESAR AND OTTO’S SUMMER CAMP MASSACRE” GOES THEATRICAL SEPT. 9th, FOLLOWED BY OCT. DVD RELEASE The buddy comedy/slasher spoof, “Caesar and Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre”, is set for an September 9th Limited theatrical release through Nocturnal Features, followed by an October 4th DVD release. Director Dave Campfield (Dark Chamber) and Paul Chomicki star as the […]

New Robert Hiltzik Interview & Theatrical Event

It’s rare “the man” gives interviews about Sleepaway Camp, but Robert Hiltzik will be appearing at a theatrical screening along with producer Michele Tatosian (click the flyer for details) and was interviewed by Fangoria to promo the event. Not only does Hiltzik give some amazing insight into Angela, but offers his candid thoughts on Return […]

Sleepaway Camp Takes The Alamo in July

On Thursday July 14th, Sleepaway Camp Films co-sponsors Blood Thirsty Thursdays‘ theatrical screening of Robert Hiltzik’s Sleepaway Camp at Alamo Drafthouse Westlakes, San Antonio, Texas! This is our first sponsorship of this kind, and I’m excited enough to break out the exclamation points. Show organizer Kelly Hammond shares my twisted sense of humor and really […]

R.I.P. Benji Wilhoite

Some very sad news to report – Benji Wilhoite (Anthony the Freddy Krueger prankster in Sleepaway Camp 2) passed away earlier this month at the young age of 41. Besides Unhappy Campers, Benji also starred in Michael A. Simpson films Impure Thoughts prior, and Fast Food after. He had several film and television credits to […]

Fango Reveal Sleepaway IV Details & Poster

Fangoria have posted an article exclusively unveiling the Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor official poster art, plus several comments from me that will give you the comprehensive skinny on the project. Click here to read the article.

SleepawayCampFilms: 12th Anniversary

Today the site turns 12! On Friday, November 13th, 1998, Sleepaway Camp: The Website went live. I can’t believe it’s been that long – but I can when I look over the changes it has gone through in that time. Detailing all that would bore you, but I can quickly sum up what working on the […]