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Sleepaway Camp Soundtrack Mp3s

As there was never an official soundtrack to any of the Sleepaway movies released, throughout the past few years we (Giles Lavery and John K) have taken it upon ourselves to assemble one. Previously avaliable as a Limited Edition CDR with only a portion of the songs now on this page, it has constantly grown and improved so we now present the most final form for you to download.

The featured Mp3 files here are all in high quality 320kbps, far better than any versions heard before (a few have been superceded, and we're working on getting permission for those). Some require explanation so we recommend reading the liner notes for the basic idea, or downloading the PDF for a more complete picture.

Recent Additions:

Original Liner Notes by Giles Lavery
Soundtrack Liner Notes PDF

Return To Sleepaway Camp
Theme By Goat & Friends (896kb)


Download Full Sleepaway Camp Trilogy Soundtrack in ZIP format


Please right click & save these to your PC instead of playing them live.

Sleepaway Camp 2
Straight Between The Eyes (7.58m)
Happy Camper Song (0.99m)
The Girls Are Out Tonight (8.14m)
Instant Club Hit (You'll Dance To Anything) (4.96m)
Desperate To Survive (13.6m)
More Love (4.38m)

Sleepaway Camp 3
Wild Eyes
Voices (In The Night) (2.75m)
Methods Of Madness (7.96m)
Killer Elite (9.33m)
Riff's Boombox Beat (2.18m)
Angela's Rap (642k)
SleepAway (7.19m)

Sleepaway Camp 1
Opening Theme (4.22m)
Young Fresh Chicken (1.39m)
You're Just What I've Been Looking For (Angela's Theme) (8.59m)
You're Just What I've Been Looking For (Remix) (1.33m)

Splice Experiments
Outta Control (5.73m)
Tonight You're Mine (3.17m)


Sleepaway Camp 2

Song: Straight Between The Eyes
Musician: Anvil
Film Moment: Opening Credits
Source: Anvil's CD of their Strength Of Steel album.

Song: Happy Camper Song
Musician: James Oliverio, Pamela Springsteen (Lyrics Michael Hitchcock)
Film Moment: Breakfast in the canteen
Source: DVD audio rip.

Song: The Girls Are Out Tonight
Musician: Hurricane
Film Moment: Panty raid
Source: Hurricane's Take What You Want, Japanese CD edition of the mini LP which is really hard to find now.

Song: Instant Club Hit (You'll Dance To Anything)
Musician: Dead Milkmen
Film Moment: On the girl's radio/tape player outside at night
Source: From Dead Milkmen 's Compilation CD.

Song: Desperate To Survive
Musician: Obsession
Film Moment: End credits
Source: Taken from Obsession's CD Methods Of Madness which was re-issued in 2001 remastered and beats the LP version. To buy the full CD which has two other SC songs on it, go to www.metalmayhem.com

Song: More Love
Musician: Ravenstone
Film Moment: Originally planned end credit song
Source: Comes from rare More Love CD made in 2002.

Sleepaway Camp 3

Song: Wild Eyes
Musician: Anvil
Film Moment: As Maria Nicastro wakes up at start of film
Source: Anvil's CD Strength Of Steel.

Song: Voices (In The Night)
Musician: Agent Orange
Film Moment: As the bus picks up Angela in front of grafitti wall
Source: The Agent Orange CD.

Song: Methods Of Madness
Musician: Obsession
Film Moment: Opening credits
Source: Obsession's CD Methods Of Madness.

Song: Killer Elite
Musician: Obsession
Film Moment: Playing on Tawny Richard's car radio
Source: Obsession's CD Methods Of Madness.

Song: Riff's Boombox Beat
Musician: John Altyn
Film Moment: Orientation in canteen
Source: Segments were able to be salvaged between dialogue then mastered, edited, and looped to properly recreate the beat as heard in film.

Song: Angela's Rap
Musician: Pamela Springsteen (Lyrics Mack The Duke)
Film Moment: In Riff's tent
Source: Taken from the unreleased workprint which has a clean version of the song before background sound effects were added for final film.

Song: SleepAway
Musician: John Altyn
Film Moment: End credits
Source: DVD audio rip.

Sleepaway Camp 1

Song: Opening Theme
Musician: Edward Billous
Film Moment: Opening credits
Source: DVD Audio rip, some of the background noise edited out.

Song: Young Fresh Chicken
Musician: Edward Billous
Film Moment: Campers arrival on bus
Source: DVD Audio rip with minimal editing and fading.

Song: You're Just What I've Been Looking For (Angela's Theme)
Musician: Frank Vinci
Film Moment: End credits
Source: DVD Audio rip. Many versions of this have been traded around on the net, not always in such high quality though. This was cleaned up, volume level kept up as much as possible but made sure there was a decent bottom end to balance out the treble.

Song: You're Just What I've Been Looking For (Remix)
Musician: Mirko Hirsch
Film Moment: N/A
Source: This is a great remix with new vocals by German fan Mirko Hirsch.

Splice Experiments

These two songs were never ever released or saved in any form outside of the film whatsoever, so faced with the 99% truth of never getting them, we decided to try and use elements in the audio to recreate them as best as possible. While these are range from barable to quite patchy, much work was accomplished to isolate segments of the music from the dialogue spend hours in the editing suite assembling. For that reason, they are not included with the rest of the music and are considered experimental.

Song: Outta Control
Musician: John Altyn
Film Moment: During Ally & Rob's bathroom sex
Source: We got lucky here due to the Canadian Legacy bootleg version of SC2 which for some reason had most of the dialog in the left channel and the music/ambient noise in the right channel, which cut down the interruptive dialog by about 70 percent. Then all loud bangs and noises that puntuated the song in certain places were cut out and the volume raised to make all parts of the song an even volume level. This is far from an ideal way to source a song but sadly this is the only version you will ever get to hear.

Song: Tonight You're Mine
Musician: Frank Vinci
Film Moment: Boys & Angela in rec hall at night
Source: The same method applied to this song, only harder to capture as so little was salvagable, so the pieces that do stick out from the film were raised in volume and looped a couple of times just to give the song a decent length. Not totally listenable but an admirable attempt that will remain unbeaten, therefore we felt it should be included. Unfortunately, no ammount of splicing would salvage the third Vinci SC1 song "Take A Chance" as it was completely overdubbed with dialogue from Angela & Paul in the film.



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