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Sleepaway Camp 3 Trivia

  • The stick Angela expires Herman and Sweatpea with is the same stick she used to smash Phoebe's head open with in Unhappy Campers.

  • Tracy Griffith as Angela? It almost happened! She originally tried out for the role of Angela. She impressed Michael Simpson enough to wind up playing Marcia.

  • Jill Terashita's character Arab was originally called Action.

  • As Angela pulls the zipper up on the tent, Jan pulls Herman's zipper down.

  • The movie's subtitle Teenage Wasteland comes from a Who song, a favorite of director Michael Simpson's.

  • Characters are named from West Side Story, Brady Bunch, and The Munsters.

  • Valerie Hartman who played Ally in Unhappy Campers stuck around for the shooting of this chapter, doing some behind-the-scenes assisting.

  • The girls' cabin is the same one used in Unhappy Campers, simply redressed.

  • Half-way through filming, Sonya Maddox, Anita, went home for a weekend and came back with a cut and dye. They tried best to change it back, but look closely and you'll notice the difference in some scenes.

  • Michael Simpson fell in love with the Red Ferrari used by Reporter Tawny Richards. He delivered it to set, took it to blinding speeds down the Interstate at night, and personally moved it between scenes.

  • Angela's Rap lyrics (by Mack The Duke):

    Angels are pretty,
    Angels can fly,
    And here's an Angel that can make you Die.

    You've got no style,
    You've got no flair,
    All you do is fight and swear.

    So say your prayers and make ammends,
    'Cause your life story is about to end.



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