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Sleepaway Camp 3 Body Count


Coroner's Report - Camp New Horizons
Maria Nicastro Body smashed by truck, compacted
Tawny Richards Inhaling of cleaning chemicals
Herman Miranda Stick staked through mouth to back of throat
Jan Hernandez Cerebral blows with stick
Peter Doyle Firecracker exploded in nostrils and face
Snowboy Fatal blow to head with log
Arab Decapitated with ax
Cindy Hammersmith Dropped from flagpole, head smashed
Lilly Miranda Head shredded by lawnmower
Bobby Stark Arms torn out of sockets
Riff Tent spikes nailed into hand and back
Barney Whitmore Shot twice in chest, once in stomach
Greg Nakashima Ax dropped/swung into body
Anita Burcham Ax dropped/swung into body
Paramedic Stabbed with needle
Policeman Needle through the eye




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