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Sleepaway Camp 2 Trivia

  • In the shot of Rob hanged, he blinks right before the shot cuts.

  • In the breakfast scene, watch closely to see Benji Wilhoite, Anthony, accidentally dopily look into the camera.

  • While Molly and Sean kiss, listen in the background: Angela keeps stopping playing/sing Koombaya... she removed one guitar string to garrote Demi, remember?

  • The book on Uncle John's desk is The Gates of Hell, a book about Nazis. Get the connection?

  • When Ally screwed Rob in the forest, that wasn't really Terry Hobbs, who played Rob. He was too young! A body double got the lucky honors.

  • The Happy Camper Song lyrics (by Michael Hitchcock):

    Oh, I'm a Happy Camper,
    I love the summer sun,
    I love the trees and forest,
    I'm always having fun.

    Oh, I'm a Happy Camper,
    I love the clear blue sky,
    And with the grace of God,
    I'll camp until I die.



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