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Sleepaway Camp 2 Body Count


Coroner's Report - Camp Rolling Hills
Phoebe Skull cracked with  stick, tongue cut out
Jodi Schote Burnt to a charred skeleton
Brooke Schote Burnt alive to a charred skeleton
Mare Drilled, face skinned
Anthony Throat cut with finger knives
Judd Chainsaw gash to thigh, sawed in face
Ally Burgess Stabbed in back twice, drowned in outhouse
Demi Garroted with guitar string
Lea Stabbed in heart four times
T.C. Battery acid thrown in face
Sean Whitmore Decapitated with machete
Matt Throat cut
Charlie Throat cut
Emilio Throat cut
Uncle John Slashed in chest/neck region, hand severed
Diane Gutted
Rob Darrinco Stabbed and hanged
Truck Lady Stabbed repeatedly
Molly Nagle Undisclosed




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