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Sleepaway Camp Trivia

  • When Billy is killed, look closely to see some of the bees on the camera lens.

  • During her scenes, Felissa Rose had to wear a tight bra to keep her breasts flattened. Not sure if she had to wear a sock in her knickers.

  • Jane Krakowski (from Ally McBeal) was originally cast to play Judy.

  • Jonathan Tiersten and Felissa Rose had a puppy-love romance while filming. The explosive break-up almost brought down the shoot. Very professional!

  • During filming of the scene where the canoe flips over in the lake, John Dunn cut the top of his hand open against a sharp rock on the lake's bottom. He had to be rushed to hospital.

  • When Leslie swims back to shore after the canoe flips, Leslie is actually played by Robert Hiltzik's Wife, Missy, in that scene. The original Leslie got mono and was sick for that segment of filming.

  • Willy Kuskin was being picked on just like his character, Mozart, by Loris Sallahain. At some points it got so bad that Frank Trent Saladino (who played Mozart's Counselor Gene) actually stepped in to protect Willy.

  • The Hudson Falls police let Allen Breton use one of their police uniforms for the movie. When Allen pulled out his gun to take a look at it (he had quite an interest in guns) he noticed that it was one of their actual guns and it was Loaded.

  • Jonathan Tiersten's name was incorrectly spelt in the opening credits, spelling it Tierston. John Dunn however, correctly gained a middle E. initial on the video packaging.

  • While the family talk about Martha in the water, the shadow of a boom mike's rod is clearly seen on the overturned boat.

  • When the speedboat runs over John, the teens inside are dummies. Though one could say the real characters were dummies also.

  • When Eddie and the little kids go camping with their flashlights, the light reflection off the camera hits Eddie in the face.



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