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Girls Of Sleepaway Camp

These on-set photos come from the collection of director Michael A. Simpson and showcase the friendly and lovely females of the camp.

Valerie Hartman (Ally Burgess)

Kim Wall (Cindy Hammersmith)

Pamela Springsteen (Angela Baker)

Kendall Bean (Demi)

Renee Estevez (Molly Nagel)

Valerie Hartman (Ally)

Valerie Hartman (Ally) (Alternate Sex Scene)

Renee Estevez & Pamela Springsteen (Molly & Angela)

Renee Estevez (Molly)

Carol Chambers (Brooke Schote) & Tony Higgins (Sean Whitmore) for the ladies!


Ami Fields (Jodi Schote)


Sandra Dorsey (Lily Miranda)



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