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Sleepaway Camp 4: The Survivor (1992)

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News: The Survivor Resurrected? Yes indeed! Visit our Sleepaway Camp IV News for more!

Details: Partially filmed 1992, First day of raw footage released 2002.

Credits: Starring Carrie Chambers, John Lodico, Victor Campos, Written by Tom Clohessy, Produced & Directed by Jim Markovic. Presented by Krishna Shah.

Plot: Allison suffers recurring nightmares and amnesia preventing her from remembering the past. She returns to camp to discover the secrets but when everyone that crosses her winds up dead, the question arises - is she Angela Baker or is she being stalked? A shock awaits!

Availibility: The 4-Disc R1-Only Best Buy Survival Kit boxset containing the SC4 footage disc is now Out Of Print! Check Ebay or Best Buy (or subsidiary stores like Media Play) and it MUST have the blood splat on the cover mentioning the SC4 disc to be authentic! If you don't check the cover for this, you will miss out!

The Box Must
Have The Splat!

Notes: Five years after Sleepaway Camp 3, Angela would not die, neither by her wounds sustained in the third film's climax nor by the demise of the 80s. In 1992 Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor was prepped to continue the franchise with Carrie Chambers, John Lodico and Victor Campos in the lead roles. Jim Markovic was locked to direct from Tom Clohessy's screenplay.

The story wisely took elements of all three films and tied them together, in the form of the amnesic character of Allison who suffers nightmares of Angela's carnage and returns to the site of the horrors to discover who she really is. Everyone from the lecherous ranger to the backwoods hunter wind up on the chopping block as time runs out and Angela is forced out of hiding. The series took an ambitious I Spit on Your Grave turn this time around, featured flashbacks to tie the series together, and boobs.

The enticing project began to film in upstate New York but was shut down soon thereafter. But thanks to a devoted internet following, the unfinished project has gained a life of its own. This webmaster spent the past ten years confirming the existence of the 'Lost' Production Footage and tracking down the people involved, all in an effort to secure the answers - and the holy grail itself - for the fans and later, DVD inclusion. And it paid off. Secured from the vaults of Double Helix Films was some of the unfinished Sleepaway Camp 4 footage. Anchor Bay, producing the Sleepaway Camp Survival Kit had confidence in the quality of the footage to partner with Best Buy to distribute it with its trailer on a disc of its own.

With a past shrouded in mystery and hints of a possible finished version on the way, now and forever, Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor is the film that would not die...



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