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About The Website

Learn about this website and its history, including vital information like contact, usage permission, donation details, etc.


Email: johnklyza@gmail.com
AOL & MSN: johnklyza


"Double Helix Films has designated John Klyza's website as the official fan site for the Sleepaway Camp sequels. John's outstanding design work is top caliber and his appreciation of the movies is without peer." -Krishna Shah, President, Double Helix Films, Inc.

"Klyza demonstrates that he knows more about these movies than anyone else on Earth" -Michael Gingold, Fangoria

"Klyza even travelled from Australia to LA to contribute commentary to the Camp DVDs. Now that's a sleepover!" -Rue Morgue Magazine

"Of course I had to check out the website. WOW! I can't believe the following these films have generated over the years." -Kyle Holman, Snowboy, Sleepaway Camp 3

"What I love about your website is that I was actually in the film and I find out more from you than anyone I worked with." -Anonymous actor, Return to Sleepaway Camp


The original incarnation of Sleepaway Camp: The Website was concieved in 1998 to bring light to the cult series after visiting a (now defunct) Friday the 13th message board and seeing that Angela fans had little place to discuss and learn about the films. The original megasite was run by John Klyza & Jeff Hayes and helped open doors to SC's ressurrection - like new sequels. Between 2000 and 2001 our domain was sleepawaycampmovies.com until John purchased sleepawaycampfilms.com, resulting in seperate sites.


My career counsellor warned me that running websites about obscure slash & stalk flicks would not pay well. "I'll show her!" I thought, but a backlog of server bills later and what do you know, I'm broke as a joke. That's not a spiel, by the way, just the reality of what any other webmaster in the same boat knows. And it's a topsy turvey boat that can overturn at the tip of a hat. So if you dig what I do, toss a few dollars into my Paypal bucket:

Usage Policy

I'm all into sharing and spreading the stuff here, all I ask is that if you make use of any of our images, graphics or written content, please do the right thing and credit our URL - you'll get the karma for it, and possibly the women.

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