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We’re Back To Slash Last Decade’s Record

12 years have seen numerous design changes for the website. In recent years, I felt I had taken the whole horror/camp look as far as I could. I saw the solution as going in the opposite direction – clean and pro-looking. Hey, I want a website I could show my grandma. This is also the […]

SleepawayCampFilms: 12th Anniversary

Today the site turns 12! On Friday, November 13th, 1998,¬†Sleepaway Camp: The Website went live. I can’t believe it’s been that long – but I can when I look over the changes it has gone through in that time. Detailing all that would bore you, but I can quickly sum up what working on the […]

Berserk Goes PDF

No, that doesn’t stand for ProDuction Fast-track, silly! One of the most frequent requests has been to compile the Sleepaway Camp Berserk opening script pages & storyboards into one handy document, and now that wish has been granted. Here’s the whole shebang – carefully collected and formatted into a .pdf file for use with Adobe […] Blog

After taking an almost 6 month break since the DVD release of Return To Sleepaway Camp (hey, who wouldn’t need a vacation after 8 years of covering every development) it was apparent I’d hit the ceiling of HTML, so the news and updates are now blog-powered to allow me to keep you up to date […]