Berserk Goes PDF

No, that doesn’t stand for ProDuction Fast-track, silly! One of the most frequent requests has been to compile the Sleepaway Camp Berserk opening script pages & storyboards into one handy document, and now that wish has been granted. Here’s the whole shebang – carefully collected and formatted into a .pdf file for use with Adobe Reader. It looks great printed out, trust us!


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4 Responses to “Berserk Goes PDF”

  1. CJ says:

    this is great!
    now for the movie to be made! :)

  2. craig11 says:

    this is cool.
    so agree CJ this NEEEEEDS to be made

  3. Sleepawayfan13 says:

    i printed it out X)
    im praying this gets made
    the supernatural element is a GREAT idea for the series

  4. redrx1 says:

    I want to be to be made I really want to see Pamela Springsteen come back as Angela Baker

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