Sleepaway Camp IV DVD Coming Soon

Exactly one year ago today Fangoria published an article unleashing all the details of The Survivor Project, which I was quoted in. At that the stage the film had just finished editing. So what the heck has been happening with it this past year? Puting together the DVD itself, that’s what! Not having the aid of a company to do all that stuff, it has taken more than a little time… but now that is basically done.

At one point the special features list kept swelling and pushing the completion further into the future, not to mention would have necessitated compression of the movie data to fit everything in. For that reason and another – to let the completed movie stand on its own two feet – it was decided to strip back the bells and whistles. Anything intended for the DVD will end up (or already is) on the website. We could spend forever making it bigger and better but when it comes down to it, it has taken almost 20 years of work to get to this momentous point of release.

Many details of the release and format are being kept under wraps until everything is ready but I can give you an idea of what extras to expect: uncut 1992 production footage, John Altyn music videos, trailer, and a still gallery featuring things like archival publicity materials, on-set photos, and then & now location photos. The release date for Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor has always been “when it’s done” and that has not changed. So all I can say is keep your eyes peeled here!

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11 Responses to “Sleepaway Camp IV DVD Coming Soon”

  1. John Altyn says:

    After all this time, and wearing so many different hats; this hat ALWAYS fit just right…!

  2. Train Wrecked says:

    NICE! This made my day.

  3. Grey says:

    Just make the film allready!

  4. chris fitzH20 says:

    Sleepaway Camp is so awesome……the last one with Angela as the cop is pretty gay though

  5. frank says:

    i dont understand. i thought this movie was done and released in my sleepaway box set a million years ago. has someting been changed or altered to it? all l remember is that it stunk, and there was nothing to it. lt was like a 15 minute film, right?

  6. frank says:

    neither of the angelas had boobs though right. l liked when the chinese chick said, “do you need a can opener to open that bra or girdle or whatever it was that looked ridiculous…

  7. Gary says:

    The bonus disc in the Sleepaway Camp boxset only contained a few minutes of random footage. It wasn’t the whole movie. The webmaster here ^ found the rest of the movie and edited it together and such. Read the stuff he’s been writing about it. It sounds cool!

  8. Hymewyce says:

    Look I’ve been a fan of this series since its realise in the late 80s(sleepawaycamp 2). I remember being so happy to learn of part three renting VHS, and loved it, so when the box set with part 4 came out I was just as excited….. to my dismay no pam springsteen… shit no movie at all… so i forget… then we get the return to sleepaway camp.. and heard CKY would do the soundtrack, i was happy till i saw it… terrible, so i always check back to your site(thanks and I do love But I think the real fans want springsteen back and hope than the guy that did part 2 and 3 finishes his legacy and gives us another movie gem….

  9. Johnny says:

    When will Sleepaway Camp 4 dvd be released? Will it be available ?

  10. Johnny says:

    Will Sleepaway Camp 4 be available this week?

  11. I’ve been told the footage for THE SURVIVOR is either just random footage or a complete short. I read this film was being thrown together as a clip film, similar to PUPPET MASTEr: THE LEGACY, which I have to admit makes me curious. But when or if the DVD comes out I wonder if it’s an online only thing, or if for example Wal-mart will carry it.

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