Original Sleepaway Camp 3 Artwork Found

Located within MGM’s iTunes Gateway for Sleepaway Camp 3 was this hidden treasure of a non-indexed image: the original artwork piece utilized for the film’s poster and cover. You’ll recall the cover we know is quite cropped, most noticeably cutting off the top of the model’s face, presumably to make it more generic and fit in with the lack of Pam on the sequel covers. But here we see all of the model, and she’s clearly not the same one used for part 2. What a stunner!

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2 Responses to “Original Sleepaway Camp 3 Artwork Found”

  1. MATTHEW says:

    Now the only question is, why did no one (like Fright Rags) ever make a real shirt out of that? It’s an iconic image, and would make for a great shirt. You could edit the III out to make it more generic, and fitting the entire series.

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