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Sleepaway Camp: The Soundtrack

Have you ever checked out the Sleepaway Camp Soundtrack? If not, all you need to know is that we have high-quality mp3s of most of the music, perfect for your portable music device or media player playlist! Sleepaway Camp Soundtrack mp3s Giles Lavery was responsible for converting, remastering and in some cases editing the songs […]

Original Sleepaway Camp 3 Artwork Found

Located within MGM’s iTunes Gateway for Sleepaway Camp 3 was this hidden treasure of a non-indexed image: the original artwork piece utilized for the film’s poster and cover. You’ll recall the cover we know is quite cropped, most noticeably cutting off the top of the model’s face, presumably to make it more generic and fit […]

Return to Sleepaway Camp Theme Song

A lot of people write in asking for this so I thought I would upload the Return to Sleepaway Camp Theme Song by the enigmatic Goat & Friends. You can grab it below by right clicking+saving. I’ve also added it to our Soundtrack Page. ReturnToSleepawayCampGoatAndFriends.mp3