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FAQ: Who Is The Sleepaway 2 Cover Girl?

Pamela Springsteen’s portrayal of Angela is the centerpiece of Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers. So many fans find it puzzling, in retrospect, that the poster and cover feature an Angela apparently portrayed by a generic actress, and at one time I myself incorrectly theorized it was Carrie Chambers who would go on to headline Sleepaway […]

FAQ: What Happened To Molly?

At the end of Sleepaway Camp 2, Molly is startled by Angela in the truck and screams. The end. This lead to many viewers asking if she was definitely killed, what happpened etc. The bodycount figure given in Sleepaway Camp 3 confirms Molly’s demise, as does Angela speaking to Marcia about Molly in the past […]