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She’s A Boy! Custom Naked Angela Model

Hurrrrrr grrrrrr arghhhhh! It’s Final Angela! Fine crafted custom model by L.Scott.

Custom Angela/Sheriff Jerry Doll

Based on Return to Sleepaway Camp, hand-made Sheriff Jerry and Angela dolls, complete with a gas can, a broom stick and Randy’s penis. By fan ylwbrcboi.

Happy Campers Kit

Dear Camper, My name is Uncle John and I am the owner and boss of Camp Rolling Hills. It is sure an honor to have you here with us for these following 6 weeks of camp. Our camp has been in existence for several years now and it is said that all the best kids […]

New Custom Pamela Angela Figurine Photos

Pamela Springsteen is currently a photographer, but she’d probably approve of this custom figure’s quality photographic likeness. Crafted by Tony Cooney.

Fan Things: Angela Figurines

Here are some figurines based on the Pamela Springsteen and Felissa Rose incarnations of Angela! Created by L. Scott.

Fan Things: Screaming Angela Bust

Fan Rob Coward’s awesome “super-deformed” Angela bust screams manliness!

Unhappy Campers Forever

Check out superfan Kevin E. Scott’s newly inked and colored tattoo based on the Fright Rags‘ Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers tee!

New Fan Art

Today brings a piece of artwork from Tony A. You can view past images at our Fan Gallery!