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Hooray, A Book of Sleepaway Camp Essays

Troy Gardner has written a book of Sleepaway Camp essays called Examining Sleepaway Camp. I read a draft earlier in the year which I enjoyed. It covers all five movies and raises so many interesting points that you’re sure to view the SC series differently afterwards. There’s always more to learn, think and discuss! Examining […]

Ultimate Angela Sleepaway Camp 3 T-Shirt


Fright Rags have a deliciously gruesome Sleepaway Camp 3 t-shirt out. A perfect compliment to their stunning Sleepaway Camp 2 t-shirt which is sadly out-of-print (though can be revoted back into existence via Fright Rags’ Graveyard system – click here for that). The moral of the story is… buy asap! Angela approves. A friendly note […]

Return To Sleepaway Camp Out In Australia

Return to Sleepaway Camp quietly released in Region 4/Australia on October 5th from Ovation Entertainment. The previous movies are unavailable*, but the fifth Sleepaway Camp functions well as a standalone movie. No extras we know of. It received a MA15+ rating from our censor board and passed without cuts. Kids can be so mean… Its […]

Sleepaway Camp “Vintage” Mondo Poster

Mondo Tees who co-produced this poster with Phantom City Creative and are releasing it tomorrow for $45. The only way to grab it is to act within a very short window through their Twitter as Mondo merch tends to sell out in mere minutes. Source: STYD via SC Addict.

Iconic Ending Immortalized As T-Shirt

A new t-shirt based on the shocker climax from Robert Hiltzik’s Sleepaway Camp is now on sale through The House Of Mysterious Secrets! If the stunning work of Jeff Zornow is familiar, it’s because he also drew the art for the striking Fright-Rags‘ Sleepaway Camp 2 tee. Don’t forget you can also purchase camp replica […]

Return, German Style

Over a year after it was released, we must admit Return To Sleepaway Camp has been quite slow to move beyond the USA, but thankfully Region-free DVD players and places like Amazon make that sort of a moot point. We recently learned of the 5th film hitting DVD in Germany, where it has been given […]

Angela On Your Chest

A new officially licensed t-shirt based on Michael A. Simpson’s Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers is now on sale through Fright-Rags! We think you’ll agree that Jeff Zornow’s artwork is breathtaking! Don’t forget you can also purchase camp replica tees via links in our Store.

Survival Kit Out Of Print?

Some online retailers like Amazon are now listing the Sleepaway Camp Survival Kit as out of print or discontinued by the manufacturer. This couldn’t be further from the truth – Anchor Bay Entertainment confirmed to us that “some stores no longer carry it as space is limited but the set is still very much available.” […]