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SleepawayCampFilms will soon be interviewing the beautiful Jill Terashita of Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland and Night of The Demons. You’ll recall she played Arab, who lost her head to Angela’s axe. As is customary where possible, we give the fans the opportunity to get their questions answered. Simply email in your questions or post them in the comments of this article!

17 thoughts on “Submit Your Questions For Jill Terashita”

  1. Other Than Your Death(which is pretty awesome) what is your Favorite death in the movie?

    What was it like to work with pam?

    what was your favorite scene to shoot?

  2. 1. how did you get involved in the sleepaway camp project ???

    2. what was it like working with the director ???

    3. would you like to be in another sleepaway camp movie ???

    4. what did you think of your character ???

    5. could you send me an autograph ???

  3. Were there any funny or memorable moments on set?

    Did you make any friends with any of your fellow cast or crew during filming?

    Which Angela was more scary, Night of the Demons Angela or Sleepaway Camp Angela?

  4. 1.) Why didn’t Arab have a last name?

    2.) Which death scene still makes you (or your family) cringe: Having your neck broken during sex (NOD)? Or Having your head chopped off and kicked (SC3)?

    3.) How did you get the roles in two of the most iconic cult horror movies? “Night of the Demons” and “Sleepaway Camp 3″?

    4.) Can I call you the Asian Scream Queen?

  5. People ask a lot of the typical questions, ‘how did you get the role’ and things like that.

    Can you tell us a funny/interesting behind the scenes story that hasn’t been heard before?

    On a set w. so many young people, did you guys party at all?

  6. We heard of some rumors regarding her and Stacie Lambert getting a lil crazy… Any truth to this?

    Also, did she ever do any adult films??? (given her background in playboy)

  7. Oh ya, what film does she like more, night of the demons or sleepaway camp 3?

    She used to have a webpage where fans could get a signed photo of her. Hook us up pls.

  8. do you believe that nudity in horror films helps to enhance a film’s desired atmosphere of tension and suspense (in the sense that people are often excited, nervous or made uncomfortable by nudity in such films), or do you think it cheapens the film? Do you see nudity as being a valid aesthetic decision, or do you think that it is just explotation?

  9. I loved your film!!! What was it like having a fake head over you and was it creepy in some parts?

  10. Do You Like playing in scary movies?
    Did you enjoy making this movie?
    was it fun working with the cast?
    how old are you ?
    could you help me get into acting?

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