Sneakaway Camp: Angela’s Real Secret

A number of Non-US editions of Sleepaway Camp released to video cassette tape in the 1980′s featured complete “open matte” prints revealing more than the director intended – visual information on the top and bottom of the screen that would normally fall outside of the widescreen framing of the film.

These revelations ranged from boom mikes to, almost hilariously, bathing suits on Meg (Katherine Kamhi) and Angela (Felissa Rose) in scenes when their characters are supposed to be quite naked.

But now a brand new gem has been located – Naked Angela wore sneakers! It sure is odd that Angela, or more accurately the drunk college boy that played “her” in the final scene, would be totally cool with his Hostess Twinkie hanging in the wind but drew the line at losing his shoes.

Be sure to head over to A Recovering Sleepaway Camp Addict for a whole range of screencaps from the French edition and see what hidden nuggets you can find.

2 thoughts on “Sneakaway Camp: Angela’s Real Secret”

  1. Well to be fair, I wouldn’t want to be in my bare feet on that ground. Looks like it would have rocks in it and maybe some fungus.

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