Sleepaway Camp IV DVD Now Available

20 Years after the abandoned shoot, Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor is finally assembled and released. This was truly a labor of love and we hope you enjoy it.

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Allison Kramer (CARRIE CHAMBERS) suffers recurring nightmares and selective amnesia. She returns to camp to discover the truth only to find dark memories coming to life before her very eyes. In her exploration she encounters a sleazy ranger (JOHN LODICO) and kindly hunter (Scarface’s VICTOR CAMPOS). Death awaits them, as the secrets of infamous killer Angela Baker are revealed.

Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor is a sequel in the long running cult classic franchise. A test shoot directed by legendary grindhouse editor Jim Markovic was conducted in 1992 which never graduated to full filming. However, over the past 20 years the footage was rescued and painstaking work began on reconstructing the project using archive scenes from previous films as well as newly recorded narration and visual effects to create a “clip” movie that would approximate the original intent to as final a degree as possible. The result of years of work is now available as a 70min feature approved by the director.

The First 4 Minutes:



Famous Monsters of Filmland

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11 thoughts on “Sleepaway Camp IV DVD Now Available”

  1. i would love to be able to find and buy that movie sllepaway camp 4 the survivor that looks totally freakin awesome as hell

  2. So nice to see this finally come to fruition. I’ve followed this website since the late ’90s and I always wondered about the final fate of SC4. The bonus disc in the Survivor Kit was nice, but this — this takes the cake, John. Way to go!

  3. Wow, I didn’t know this movie had been finished. I’m now accepting PR reviews on my blog. I would be interested in reviewing the movie.

  4. Why does this remind me of the god-awful “Solent Night Deadly Night 2″??? I’ll see it, but I’m really leary…

  5. Damn, looks like us English horror buffs are getting shafted again. Tried to buy on the site but it only accepts credit cards not debit.
    Oh well…

  6. I want to see it but every Amazon review from people that bought it (and was not involved in the making) says it god-awful and not in a good way. If it’s released to streaming I’ll watch it.

    1. Well, watched in on demand on Amazon and just as people have said, THIS THING IS TOTAL CRAP ! I love bad horror movies but this is not even bad in the slightest good way. What a waste of time and money. I know some have said “it’s better then having nothing”. Well, I disagree nothing would be alot better.
      I give it a -4 stars lol

  7. i bought a copy of sleepaway camp 4 and i thought it was great it has alot of scenes from the first 3 movies.alot of the angela baker scenes are in the movie. the aunt martha scenes are in it too.it is better then most of the movies playing at theaters today. i already showed it 5 times.i hope they make some more sleepaway camp movies there all great.

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