Sleepaway Camp Blu-Ray + Remake News


Shout Factory have announced they will be releasing Sleepaway Camp on Blu-Ray. I’m told it will definitely be fully Uncut. It’s about time! Special Features will be produced by Justin Beahm. Here’s the official announcement:

Happy Halloween everyone! We are super excited to announce to you on this special day that we will be releasing the original uncut SLEEPAWAY CAMP film on Blu-ray for the first time next Spring!

This will most definitely be a Collector’s Edition (new art is being worked on it as we type) and is planned to come loaded with great extras that will be announced at a later date. We love this film and will certainly aim to please fans of Angela, Aunt Martha, cussing cousin Ricky, Judy, Meg and the rest of Camp Arawak’s memorable counselors and campers.

And now onto news of a big-budget remake! I was aware that Robert Hiltzik had been developing a remake on his own for the past years under the title Sleepaway Camp Again, but this is a brand new project. From Deadline Hollywood:

EXCLUSIVE: The 1983 slasher pic Sleepaway Camp earned a spot in horror history with its infamous shocker of a twist ending, which I won’t spoil here. But like many an ’80s horror franchise, its staying power petered out with a string of subsequent sequels. Now exFox/New Line exec Jeff Katz is trying to inject new blood into the Sleepaway Camp franchise by reviving the summertime screamer for a new generation. He’s optioned remake rights from the original movie’s trio of makers and rights holders: Writer/director-turned-lawyer Robert Hiltzik, producer Michele Tatosian, and actress Felissa Rose, who starred in the 1983 pic as Angela, the bullied teen protagonist whose summer turns into a bloodbath when a killer begins offing campers. Producing alongside Hiltzik, Tatosian, and Rose, Katz aims to reboot the Sleepaway Camp mythos in a modern setting with a new film series that echoes its legacy and the psychosexual elements that made the first pic such a memorable cult favorite. Meanwhile, Shout Factory used the Halloween holiday to announce that it will release the original pic to Blu-ray for the first time in the spring.

Although Sleepaway Camp is celebrated by horror fans, its legacy suffered from rampant sequelitis. Hiltzik held on tight to remake rights for years after three more installations were churned out by other filmmakers, then came back to helm Return To Sleepaway Camp in 2003 as a direct sequel to his original film, ignoring the rogue sequels that came before. But he took 5 years to fine-tune VFX, and it wasn’t released until 2008 in a direct-to-video deal with Magnolia. A third Hiltzik-helmed Sleepaway Camp pic was announced but never materialized. With someone else taking a stab, the floundering franchise could get a much-needed refresh; a search for a writer will follow after the group takes the ready-made title out to studios. Katz is repped by UTA.

I’m not pleased with the “rogue sequels” slur – every time the original film needs to be propped up, the sequels are dragged through the mud so I’m sure longtime fans will join me in a collective facepalming. It’s a shame because the lack of solidarity in the franchise as a whole has been a prime reason new Sleepaway Camp films are so few and far between. Still, this double whammy of news will be great for Sleepaway Camp and will ensure continued renewed interest in the films.

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9 Responses to “Sleepaway Camp Blu-Ray + Remake News”

  1. This is all great news to me!!! Except one thing. They are changing the artwork for the blu-ray release! I hate it when they don’t use a movie’s original artwork but especially in this case. In my opinion, “Sleepaway Camp” has one of the coolest posters from 80s horror history! Sometimes this can hurt a film. For example, Troma Entertainment’s “Story Of A Junkie” caught my eye & looked interesting when I spotted it on VHS at the video rental store. The newer release’ s DVD artwork looks like something I’d never be interested in and looked cheaper. Very bad. I hope “Sleepaway Camp” at least has a reversible cover with the original poster on the other side! Anyway, it’s great to hear “Sleepaway Camp” is back in the mix! I’m one happy horror geek! =)

    • Wayne says:

      Shout Factory always does an AMAZING fucking job of giving blu rays gorgeous, eye catchin, true to the movie artwork. I wouldn’t fret about it not being interesting, shocking or otherwise great box art.

  2. I don’t think a remake is necessary. All this series needs is just a really good sequel. All the sequels have their charm, but I do admit they aren’t all that spectacular. RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP has some nice ideas, but I think it could’ve benefited from a second writer. No offense to Robert Hiltzik.

    I’ve never written any Fan Scripts for this series, despite a couple ideas, however my intentions of one sequel would’ve been of a copycat killer, with only a cameo by Angela Baker at the film’s conclusion. This of course would set up a second film dealing with Angela and Ricky’s relationship, since I feel RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP wasted Ricky. It would’ve been interesting had he known of Angela and confronted her, and maybe even killed her, but of course to most fans Angela made this series.

    A SLEEPAWAY CAMP remake might garner some new interest in the series, but it doesn’t guarantee revival of the franchise.

    If I wrote a remake, I wouldn’t want it to be too similar, and because of how famous the ending is, that would probably have to be changed. One idea I considered is that Angela really does survive, and it’s Peter who dies in the boat accident. However Angela would not be raised as a transsexual, but suffers a split personallity in which she tends to believe she is Peter, and that he is the murderer. Think PSYCHO or the original FRIDAY THE 13TH. One disturbing idea I thought of was that Angela as a killer would wear a suit made of actual human skin to appear as a male.

  3. Marsinvestigations1 says:

    They usually include the original poster art on the flip side of the packaging so you can reverse it. So we get the best of both worlds.

  4. GeneNJakeforever says:

    This is so exciting my boyfriend and I love the original Sleepaway Camp and to hear that its getting released uncut on bluray with more special features than the 2000 DVD release and Tue tact that a remake is in the works makes it even more exciting keep us updated

  5. Frank says:

    Which if you assholes have shit about to say about the pam springsteen versions?!?!?! They were so fucking awesome!!!! Screw you haters

  6. Kane says:

    Well John its certainly been awhile since I’ve interacted with the SC community. I give every movie the benefit of the doubt, including remakes. You’re right though, it is lame that the sequels of the 80s have to be dragged through the mud.

  7. eric says:

    Here are thé facts mariés and gentlemen…while i thought thé orignal sleepaway camp was OK in its own right..i really thought that pamala springsteen played the role of Angela Baker(Johnson) To a absolute tee..she was brilliant..sleepaway camp 3 had one major screwup..thé ending was completly ignorant..why could the director not come up with à better ending for Angela??..

  8. eric says:

    If it was not for thé ending of SC3..IT WOULD have been fantastic..but thé ending was stupid..come on people, all of us sleepaway camp fans know thé movie réservés à hell of à lot better ending tian what it got..

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