Return, German Style

Over a year after it was released, we must admit Return To Sleepaway Camp has been quite slow to move beyond the USA, but thankfully Region-free DVD players and places like Amazon make that sort of a moot point. We recently learned of the 5th film hitting DVD in Germany, where it has been given a variation of the original cover art.


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4 Responses to “Return, German Style”

  1. Sonny Baker says:

    Interesting cover art

  2. SkaryMoviez says:

    I like it. Sorta has a late 80’s/early 90’s vibe to it.

  3. TrainWreck says:

    The cover art is actually decent. I guess it’s trying to make up for the movie being such a terrible waste of time.

  4. Kane says:

    I actually like the German cover art better than the American cover art

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