Not Another Friday The 13th Clone

From The Psychotronic Video Guide by Michael Weldon:

D/S: Robert Hiltzik P: Michael Tatosian, Jerry Silva. In a nasty Friday the 13th rip-off that’s better than most, campers are killed in upstate New York. Melissa Rose is the shy murderous Angela, and there’s a Homicidal-style sex switch involved. Ed French created the grisly FX. With Mike Kellin and Robert Earl Jones.

Reviews that peg Sleepaway Camp as a Friday the 13th ripoff are a dime a dozen – and they clearly signal reviewers who either didn’t actually watch the movie, or only vaguely paid attention. It’s such a broad statement to make when even the film’s superficial elements barely compare. For specific points, I suggest you read:

SC VS. F13: How Alike Are They – Really?

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2 Responses to “Not Another Friday The 13th Clone”

  1. Rory says:

    seriously these critics need to stop comparing the 2 films they are nothing alike and also Friday the 13th sucks I mean the first film is the only good one and also the only thing they have in common is summercamp witch actually isn’t the main focus of most Friday films

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