Cinema Snob vs Sleepaway Camp

The Cinema Snob has just finished a multi-month video retrospective of the Sleepaway Camp franchise. For those not in the know, The Cinema Snob is basically a spoof of every horrible internet film reviewer you’ve come across. He rips movies to utter shreds, and gives Sleepaway Camp the same treatment. Why are we mentioning these on the official site? Because we have a sense of humor! You might find them hit or miss, but the Snob clearly put a lot of work into these reviews. Click on the fantastic banner arts to watch the commentary on each film!







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One Response to “Cinema Snob vs Sleepaway Camp”

  1. The Cinema Snob can be real funny sometimes. I love it when he reviews films I enjoy or have actually heard of.

    SON OF SLEEPAWAY CAMP is almost funny just for the very idea of it. I’m not sure if it’s a bootleg title, or really is some International version released to theatres and/or home video. I wonder if this version will grow in popularity and fans will actually go out of their way to track down a copy.

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