Angela On Your Chest

A new officially licensed t-shirt based on Michael A. Simpson’s Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers is now on sale through Fright-Rags! We think you’ll agree that Jeff Zornow’s artwork is breathtaking! Don’t forget you can also purchase camp replica tees via links in our Store.


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14 Responses to “Angela On Your Chest”

  1. Chris says:

    That is a thing of beauty!

  2. CJ says:

    !!!!!!!!! THIS IS SO AWESOME!

    i want a berserk one ;)

  3. Kane says:

    Hey guys who’s interested in getting a Sleepaway Camp forum back ? Give me some feedback.

    – Kane

  4. gatekeeper says:

    right here

  5. gatekeeper says:

    feedback, right: we should research our options.. we want a board which is free but can combat bots better. all boards can get spammers by manually signing up but we don’t want bots to be able to sign up so easy like last time. granted, most of the reasons we were getting spam was because the host was getting attacked at the time. unsure what types of protection /updates they’ve done since then. i got riff’s email address, perhaps i’ll send him an email.

  6. Kane says:

    That would great, gatekeeper! These blogs are cool, but still there’s nothing like having a good forum.

  7. Kane says:

    The last time I checked envisionfree (one of our old boards) had done some touch ups with their board. I used one of their boards for a different purpose and I had no problems with bots. So go figure.

  8. Kane says:

    Hey gatekeeper if you have myspace, send me a message over at

  9. CJ says:

    yes we need the forum back!

  10. Sonny Baker says:

    shit,sign me up!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Kane says:

    Hey what happened to my post ? Why’d it get deleted ?

  12. Sonny Baker says:

    what the hell happened to the forum?

  13. Kane says:

    I deleted it because I had no way of promoting it and by trying to do so here, I was supposedly “spamming”. Best of luck to you all. I’m taking a leave from horror-related sites for the time being. I sure hope you guys get a good forum someday and maybe perhaps I will return. Best of luck to you all.

  14. Rotti says:

    He deleted it because he felt activity in the Sleepaway Camp world was at a very minimum and plus he had no way of properly promoting it.

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