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Sleepaway Camp 4: My First Time

I was still purchasing Fangoria on a regular basis in late 1992. I remember the day I got my hands on #122 because it was the best issue – a bumper sequel issue. I always loved sequels and franchises, and the continuing storylines or elements they offered. I walked home paging through the listings of […]

Sleepaway Camp 2 & 3: My First Time

Sleepaway Camp 2 I first learned of Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers in 1988 when Fangoria #73 had an article on the sequels. I remembered the sullen “caveman girl” and was intrigued that she had blossomed into a happy go lucky, good looking killer. The issue had lots of promo pictures of her posing with […]

Sleepaway Camp: My First Time

I’d like to say that my very first viewing of Sleepaway Camp was intentional. I’d like to say that it was carefully chosen based on intuitive forethought. But I can’t. I might have caught some oblique mentions or Ed French’s grisly FX images in the pages of Fangoria magazine, but that would be the extent. […]