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Sleepaway Camp Spoof Now on Instant Video

Caesar & Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre is now available for rent as an Amazon instant video. Summer Camp Massacre – Amazon For $2, customers are now able to download the film for 7 days. This gives the viewer an opportunity to watch the movie either on their computer or television screens depending on their set […]

She’s A Boy! Custom Naked Angela Model

Hurrrrrr grrrrrr arghhhhh! It’s Final Angela! Fine crafted custom model by L.Scott.

On-Set Photos: Sleepaway Camp Spoof


Have you rented or purchased Caesar & Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre yet? It’s required viewing for Sleepaway Camp fans. Littered with numerous references and similarities, it functions as a satire of the series with Felissa Rose essentially playing up a grown-up version of the teenage Angela we fell in love with. To list a few […]

Felissa Rose Camp Spoof Gets Release

“CAESAR AND OTTO’S SUMMER CAMP MASSACRE” GOES THEATRICAL SEPT. 9th, FOLLOWED BY OCT. DVD RELEASE The buddy comedy/slasher spoof, “Caesar and Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre”, is set for an September 9th Limited theatrical release through Nocturnal Features, followed by an October 4th DVD release. Director Dave Campfield (Dark Chamber) and Paul Chomicki star as the […]

Fan Things: Angela Figurines

Here are some figurines based on the Pamela Springsteen and Felissa Rose incarnations of Angela! Created by L. Scott.

Fan Things: Screaming Angela Bust

Fan Rob Coward’s awesome “super-deformed” Angela bust screams manliness!

World Premiere of Caesar & Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre

See the film describes the film as   “A crazy mish mash Abbott and Costello and something from the Troma vault”  SATURDAY, AUGUST 15th at Louisville Kentucky’s Fright Night Film Festival.   In attendance will be Dave Campfield and Paul Chomicki (Caesar and Otto respectively), and co-star Ken Macfarlane.  The movie is scheduled for the 5PM […]