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Michael A. Simpson’s Latest

Sleepaway Camp franchise director Michael A. Simpson has taken an unexpected turn into books with the debut of Sons of my Fathers, available on Amazon. Sons of My Fathers, based on the true story of the author’s family, is a multi-generational journey that intertwines two dramatic narratives set one hundred years apart–the heroic saga of 19-year-old […]

Cinema Snob vs Sleepaway Camp

The Cinema Snob has just finished a multi-month video retrospective of the Sleepaway Camp franchise. For those not in the know, The Cinema Snob is basically a spoof of every horrible internet film reviewer you’ve come across. He rips movies to utter shreds, and gives Sleepaway Camp the same treatment. Why are we mentioning these […]

Hooray, A Book of Sleepaway Camp Essays

Troy Gardner has written a book of Sleepaway Camp essays called Examining Sleepaway Camp. I read a draft earlier in the year which I enjoyed. It covers all five movies and raises so many interesting points that you’re sure to view the SC series differently afterwards. There’s always more to learn, think and discuss! Examining […]

Sleepaway Camp Spoof Now on Instant Video

Caesar & Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre is now available for rent as an Amazon instant video. Summer Camp Massacre – Amazon For $2, customers are now able to download the film for 7 days. This gives the viewer an opportunity to watch the movie either on their computer or television screens depending on their set […]

On-Set Photos: Sleepaway Camp Spoof


Have you rented or purchased Caesar & Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre yet? It’s required viewing for Sleepaway Camp fans. Littered with numerous references and similarities, it functions as a satire of the series with Felissa Rose essentially playing up a grown-up version of the teenage Angela we fell in love with. To list a few […]

Sleepaway Camp: The Soundtrack

Have you ever checked out the Sleepaway Camp Soundtrack? If not, all you need to know is that we have high-quality mp3s of most of the music, perfect for your portable music device or media player playlist! Sleepaway Camp Soundtrack mp3s Giles Lavery was responsible for converting, remastering and in some cases editing the songs […]

Felissa Rose Camp Spoof Gets Release

“CAESAR AND OTTO’S SUMMER CAMP MASSACRE” GOES THEATRICAL SEPT. 9th, FOLLOWED BY OCT. DVD RELEASE The buddy comedy/slasher spoof, “Caesar and Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre”, is set for an September 9th Limited theatrical release through Nocturnal Features, followed by an October 4th DVD release. Director Dave Campfield (Dark Chamber) and Paul Chomicki star as the […]

We’re Back To Slash Last Decade’s Record

12 years have seen numerous design changes for the website. In recent years, I felt I had taken the whole horror/camp look as far as I could. I saw the solution as going in the opposite direction – clean and pro-looking. Hey, I want a website I could show my grandma. This is also the […]

Judy Trailer

Here’s the trailer to Jeff’s spinoff short, Judy starring Karen Fields and based off her character from Sleepaway Camp (1983). It looks like the curling iron is fired up and ready to go!

Congratulations Michael A. Simpson

Unhappy Campers & Teenage Wasteland producer/director Michael A. Simpson has found great success with the recent US theatrical release Crazy Heart starring Jeff Bridges, which he produced. On Sunday the film won two Golden Globes for Best Actor and Best Original Song. If you haven’t seen it before, click below for the full size poster […]