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Return To Sleepaway Camp: 3 Years Later

Can you believe there was a time when it seemed Return to Sleepaway Camp would never come out? Always mere months away? So close yet so far? Believe it. I was there. It sucked. But all that slipped away on November 4th 2008 when the film was released on DVD. And fans have never looked […]

Return To Sleepaway Camp Out In Australia

Return to Sleepaway Camp quietly released in Region 4/Australia on October 5th from Ovation Entertainment. The previous movies are unavailable*, but the fifth Sleepaway Camp functions well as a standalone movie. No extras we know of. It received a MA15+ rating from our censor board and passed without cuts. Kids can be so mean… Its […]

Custom Angela/Sheriff Jerry Doll

Based on Return to Sleepaway Camp, hand-made Sheriff Jerry and Angela dolls, complete with a gas can, a broom stick and Randy’s penis. By fan ylwbrcboi.

Return to Sleepaway Camp Theme Song

A lot of people write in asking for this so I thought I would upload the Return to Sleepaway Camp Theme Song by the enigmatic Goat & Friends. You can grab it below by right clicking+saving. I’ve also added it to our Soundtrack Page. ReturnToSleepawayCampGoatAndFriends.mp3

Return, German Style

Over a year after it was released, we must admit Return To Sleepaway Camp has been quite slow to move beyond the USA, but thankfully Region-free DVD players and places like Amazon make that sort of a moot point. We recently learned of the 5th film hitting DVD in Germany, where it has been given […]

New Fan Art

Today brings a piece of artwork from Tony A. You can view past images at our Fan Gallery!