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John Altyn, Rock Survivor

One of the biggest assets to the 20 year completion of Sleepaway Camp 4 was musician John Altyn. As campers know, John was responsible for two songs in the previous two sequels – Outta Control in Sleepaway Camp 2, and SleepAway in Sleepaway Camp 3, the latter becoming virtually that film’s anthem. Provisional SC4 plans […]

The Sleepaway Camp IV Review Round-Up

Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor has been out for 4 months now, so here are the reviews that have turned up in that time. We are very gratified that fans have watched it closely and picked up on the plethora of subtext and easter eggs in the film. Like every previous Sleepaway Camp, reaction has […]

Video: Sleepaway Camp IV Theatrical Night

Thursday, June 28 was the official U.S. Theatrical Premiere of Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor at University of Nebraska’s “The Ross” Media Arts Center. Editor Dustin Ferguson and Composer John Altyn were in attendance for a q&a session and we have the video! In a humorous twist in keeping with the pop culture world of […]

Sleepaway Camp IV Theatrical Screening

Come join us 7pm Thursday, June 28 in Nebraska for the official U.S. Theatrical Premiere of Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor at University of Nebraska’s “The Ross” Media Arts Center. The film will be followed by a Q&A with Editor Dustin Ferguson and Composer John Altyn. Did we mention FREE ADMISSION? Links: Facebook SCIV Theatrical […]

Sleepaway Camp IV VOD: Rent or Own

This past week, Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor popped up on Amazon Instant Video @ $1.99 to rent or $9.99 to buy. You can also purchase the DVD @ Amazon though we suggest you order direct from Createspace if possible. If wanting to just to watch on your PC or handheld device, the video-on-demand option […]

Sleepaway Camp IV DVD Now Available


20 Years after the abandoned shoot, Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor is finally assembled and released. This was truly a labor of love and we hope you enjoy it. Buy The DVD Here Story: Allison Kramer (CARRIE CHAMBERS) suffers recurring nightmares and selective amnesia. She returns to camp to discover the truth only to find […]

Sleepaway Camp IV DVD: The Photos

Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor… will the 20 year curse finally be lifted? Hmm.

Sleepaway Camp IV DVD Coming Soon

Exactly one year ago today Fangoria published an article unleashing all the details of The Survivor Project, which I was quoted in. At that the stage the film had just finished editing. So what the heck has been happening with it this past year? Puting together the DVD itself, that’s what! Not having the aid […]

Sleepaway Camp 4: My First Time

I was still purchasing Fangoria on a regular basis in late 1992. I remember the day I got my hands on #122 because it was the best issue – a bumper sequel issue. I always loved sequels and franchises, and the continuing storylines or elements they offered. I walked home paging through the listings of […]

We’re Back To Slash Last Decade’s Record

12 years have seen numerous design changes for the website. In recent years, I felt I had taken the whole horror/camp look as far as I could. I saw the solution as going in the opposite direction – clean and pro-looking. Hey, I want a website I could show my grandma. This is also the […]