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The Sleepaway Camp Blu-Ray Review

Guest Contributor Seamus Flynn: Sleepaway Camp is one of the most iconic slasher films of all time. I discovered the film at age 11, and fell in love with the characters and the 80s cheese. I still believe to this day that Angela is one of the best characters to grace a horror film. The […]

Sleepaway Camp Blu-Ray + Remake News

Shout Factory have announced they will be releasing Sleepaway Camp on Blu-Ray. I’m told it will definitely be fully Uncut. It’s about time! Special Features will be produced by Justin Beahm. Here’s the official announcement: Happy Halloween everyone! We are super excited to announce to you on this special day that we will be releasing […]

Prototype Sleepaway Camp Artwork Found

The famous knife in the shoe, as it turns out, wasn’t the only artwork created for Sleepaway Camp as you can see from this prototypical poster painting from artist David Schleinkofer. Also check out the full textless “naked” original painting that did end up becoming the poster we know and love. Props to SC Addict […]

She’s A Boy! Custom Naked Angela Model

Hurrrrrr grrrrrr arghhhhh! It’s Final Angela! Fine crafted custom model by L.Scott.

Sneakaway Camp: Angela’s Real Secret

A number of Non-US editions of Sleepaway Camp released to video cassette tape in the 1980’s featured complete “open matte” prints revealing more than the director intended – visual information on the top and bottom of the screen that would normally fall outside of the widescreen framing of the film. These revelations ranged from boom […]

The World Of Robert Hiltzik, Screenwriter

IMDB lists Robert Hiltzik as having credits only within the Sleepaway Camp sphere – having written, produced and directed the original, receiving story credit on the sequels, masterminding Return to Sleepaway Camp, and a cameo acting role in Jeff Hayes’ Grandma’s Secret Recipe. But one Robert Charles Hiltzik has tried his hand at several different […]

Not Another Friday The 13th Clone

From The Psychotronic Video Guide by Michael Weldon: D/S: Robert Hiltzik P: Michael Tatosian, Jerry Silva. In a nasty Friday the 13th rip-off that’s better than most, campers are killed in upstate New York. Melissa Rose is the shy murderous Angela, and there’s a Homicidal-style sex switch involved. Ed French created the grisly FX. With […]

Sleepaway Camp: My First Time

I’d like to say that my very first viewing of Sleepaway Camp was intentional. I’d like to say that it was carefully chosen based on intuitive forethought. But I can’t. I might have caught some oblique mentions or Ed French’s grisly FX images in the pages of Fangoria magazine, but that would be the extent. […]

Sleepaway Camp “Vintage” Mondo Poster

Mondo Tees who co-produced this poster with Phantom City Creative and are releasing it tomorrow for $45. The only way to grab it is to act within a very short window through their Twitter as Mondo merch tends to sell out in mere minutes. Source: STYD via SC Addict.

New Robert Hiltzik Interview & Theatrical Event

It’s rare “the man” gives interviews about Sleepaway Camp, but Robert Hiltzik will be appearing at a theatrical screening along with producer Michele Tatosian (click the flyer for details) and was interviewed by Fangoria to promo the event. Not only does Hiltzik give some amazing insight into Angela, but offers his candid thoughts on Return […]